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3 Reasons Why Promotional Writing Instruments Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan

When you arrived at the office this morning, did you take notes at a meeting, jot down a reminder or make a to do list? When you stepped out for a quick bite, did you sign a credit card slip? Chances are you do all of these things in a typical day. Did the pen you used have a logo on it? Was the logo yours?

Every year, more than $1.6 billion is spent on promotional writing instruments. Why? Because they are universal, useful and effective.

  • Universal. Writing instruments are a one-size-fits-all advertising vehicle and suit all ages, genders, demographics and socioeconomic classes.
  • Useful. Whether you’re a kid just learning to write or a CEO signing a big contract, writing instruments are used throughout every day to communicate and get things done.
  • Effective. Writing instruments pack one heckofa branding punch because in order to use them, you must physically pick them up—which puts advertising logos literally in the hands of your target audience.

There are pens for every style and budget, but you must know who your audience is. The pen given to a high-level executive will be different than a pen distributed en masse at a tradeshow, for example. But one thing is sure: You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great pen. Check out these three and see what we mean:

Hit RealmThe Realm is our new fave pen. It has a sleek modern style that’s offered in five colors—each accented with a rubber grip for writing comfort and control—and is customized via one-color imprint. And for a mere 75-cent price tag, you’ll get an instrument that writes like a much more expensive pen—and it will be one recipients won’t want to lose.


Spector Bosa RollerballThere’s nothing like a good rollerball pen, and the Bosa feels expensive yet has an economical price. It’s higher perceived value comes from its aluminum construction with retro metallic finish, chrome trim and pull-off cap. Laser engrave your logo for an even more upscale look.


You can’t go anywhere today without people using smartphones and tablets for work and for play. The Innovation pen does double-duty, combining a stylus and a ballpoint pen. Click action reveals black refill pen through the capacitive stylus tip that works with iPad, iPhone, Android and other touchscreen devices. The metallic barrel has chrome accents for sleek professional look, and the black grip with a wave design allows for comfort whether you’re using the stylus or the pen.


GoldBond Innovation Green


Pens are an ideal promotional product for businesses in financial, real estate and healthcare industries because all of these have many forms to complete and signatures to be had throughout the course of daily business. But the effectiveness of writing instruments doesn’t stop there.

Any industry can use writing instruments to build community. Check with local restaurants that tailor to your particular clientele to see if they would be open to you donating pens for their servers to use. Most waitstaff are responsible for bringing their own pens for customers to use when signing credit card receipts. Since most people pay with plastic these days, you can be sure your brand will be seen repeatedly as the pens are used.


Want to learn more about how to incorporate writing instruments into your next promotion? Want a free sample of the Realm pen? Book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700 today. And if you order one of the three pens showcased, mention this blog post and get a free set up!