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3 Ways To Make Your Corporate Gifts More Upscale

Upscale Corporate GiftsThe great thing about promotional products is there’s swag for every style, taste and occasion—conservative or whimsical, youthful or mature, fun or sophisticated—and everything in between.

The swag you choose reflects directly on your brand. So if you have a sophisticated, high-end brand, you better choose corporate gifts that match.

How can you add elegance to any promo and boost brand value in the process? Just follow these three tips:

1. Choose The Right Materials

Sure, there are plenty of quality promotional products constructed from plastic. But let’s be honest: Plastic typically doesn’t have an upscale feel. Instead, look at leather, wood, metal or crystal for higher perceived value.

2. Incorporate Brand Names

You might be surprised to learn that brand names such as Waterford, Wenger, JBL and Movado are available for corporate markets. But they are…as are many more. And with the understated addition of your logo, they become perfect corporate gifts.

3. Design Complementary Packaging

Upscale brands don’t do giveaways; they give corporate gifts. It’s a subtle difference in terminology, but a significant difference in experience. Part of creating that experience is in designing packaging— custom boxes, gift bags, tubes, tissue, wrapping paper or ribbons—that transforms branded merchandise into gifts.


There’s a myth that sophisticated brands aren’t using promotional products. But this is completely false. (Read this article to learn how this myth is busted.) The truth is that promotional products are for every company and everyone.


Sophisticated brands need upscale corporate gifts that align with their brand story and target audience. By choosing the right materials, incorporating brand names and designing complementary packaging, upscale brands can tap into the power of promotional products to increase brand recall and build the positive opinions they desire.



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