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6 Ways Swag Can Help Rocket Your Business Throughout the New Year

Rocket Your BusinessEvery January, there’s a clean slate. A new start for the new year. A chance for setting fresh goals to grow your business, improve your processes and make a positive contribution to the world. It’s exciting to chart new directions. To help you set a smart course, here are our top six ways you can rocket your business throughout the new year—with a little help from some swag.

1. Focus On Customer Retention & Expansion

It costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, so why do most marketers spend merely 18% of their time on retention and 15% on expansion? They’re clearly missing the boat. Top producing marketers spend 23% of their time on retention and 25% on expansion, and they allocate 30% of their budget to the task rather than the average 20%.

It pays dividends to focus on keeping customers happy and loyal so you can dive even deeper into their purchasing needs so they only consider you and not your competitors. Swag can play a key role in thanking and rewarding customers for their business, and it can easily be implemented into just about any marketing or branding campaign on any budget. Find out how by clicking here.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

Many factors go into customers’ purchasing decisions. Your products or services must fill a need, solve a problem or make life just a little bit easier—all at a competitive price. But if all tangible attributes are equal, how do customers make the choice to do business with you rather than your competition? For many, it comes down to the experience.

Today’s consumers have much higher user experience standards than ever before. The bar has been raised, and regardless of company size, you must reach if not exceed these expectations—else you risk losing customers to competitors who develop and execute better and more memorable experiences.

Swag is one of the most effective ways to enhance the customer experience because it appeals to the five senses. Depending on the promotional product, you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel the item—all things that can develop positive associations, impressions and memories associated with your brand.

Food gifts are a perfect example of tapping into the five senses, especially these delicious chocolate chip cookies. The only problem? They quickly disappear without a trace!

Want a gift with a bit more staying power? Bluetooth speakers, especially ones with programmable light themes, give an audio/visual experience that will make your brand rock. Bottle sweaters fulfill a tactile sense while performing a very important function—keeping your favorite longneck cold! Check out all the products we love here.

3. Create Brand Advocates

What’s one thing all brands want? Die-hard followers. Those evangelists that support your company and not only buy what you’re selling but also tell everyone they know about you. There are four ways you can begin developing those deep connections every business covets: Branding your customers, performing random acts of kindness, disconnecting from digital communication and personalizing everything you do. And swag can be a part of each of these steps. To find out how, click here.

4. Increase Brand Awareness & Recall

Fact: Reliance on the internet and less on our own memory not only changes our lifestyles but also the actual structure of our brains. People who have access to search engines tend to remember fewer facts and less information overall because they know the answers can easily be found online—and this means they may not easily remember your brand.

So how can you help build brand awareness and recall? Repetition is one way to remember things more easily because the more you do or experience something, the thicker the neurological pathways become. The thicker that pathway gets, the more implicit recalling the information becomes.

When it comes to creating this much-needed repetition, swag gets the job done. People love swag—so much, in fact, that 58% keep logoed items from one to four years. Additionally, 73% use promotional products at least one a week, and 45% use them at least once per day. No other advertising medium puts your brand in your customers’ hands—literally—more often.

To learn more about how you can use swag to overcome Google amnesia, click here.

5. Reward & Recognize Employees

Employees are craving recognition…and they’re not getting it. From simple peer-to-peer rewards to more formal awards programs, adding recognition to your 2016 to-do list is imperative if you want engaged employees. Read more here.

When creating an employee recognition program, the most important aspect is making the recipient feel valued and appreciated—and it doesn’t take a lot of money to accomplish this. Rather, it takes being thoughtful and sincere.

Cash and gift cards, while easy to give, don’t make great employee recognition gifts because they are most often used to pay bills and/or buy living essentials that are quickly forgotten. (Find out why cash isn’t king here.) A better strategy is to create a recognition program based upon branded merchandise. Click here for seven tips to reward and recognize outstanding performance without breaking the bank.

6. Make A Difference In The Community

What do buyers really want? The list can be long, but one thing is sure: They want companies to give back. In fact, 85% of consumers want companies to be engaged on global issues, but only 22% think they’re getting enough. Additionally, more than half (51%) of consumers want to reward responsible companies by shopping there, and 53% would pay a 10% premium for products from a responsible company. Read more about how making a difference can help your brand survive here.

One way to give back to the community—all the while improving teambuilding within your ranks—is by having a charitable volunteer program. Whether building houses with Habitat For Humanity or serving lunch at a local food kitchen, providing swag that serves as a uniform—t-shirts, hats, work aprons or gloves—not only unites the team but also commemorates the event. Check out how you can lend a hand with work gloves here.

Launch Into The New Year With Confidence

Whether you call it branded merchandise, advertising specialties, promotional products or swag, logoed items are one of the most influential, enduring and cost-effective ad mediums available today. By tapping into their power, you can make the most out of your business objectives for the new year.


Want to learn more about how incorporating swag into your marketing strategy can fuel your business objectives? Let’s chat. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700. Mention the blog, and we’ll send you some SMART Swag to kick off the new year!