7 Reasons To Work With Us

7 Reasons To Work With Us

There are many sources for promotional products, so how do you know whom to choose? Some providers only work the business part time. Others are simply order takers that offer little creativity. But if you’re looking for a full-service, professional promotional consultant, here are seven reasons why you should work with Valerie Hayman Sklar, owner of Corporate Specialties:

1. I understand corporate branding.
I’ve spent 20+ years in corporate marketing, and I’ve seen what works—and what doesn’t. No matter what business you’re in—from property management to dance studios and everything in between, I have the experience you need in a promotional marketing partner.

2. Marketing is my forte.
I create marketing solutions rather than sell stuff. Since my background is in marketing, I take a comprehensive, consultative approach to developing promotional campaigns that get results—from customer loyalty programs and tradeshow campaigns to employee incentives and business gifts.

3. Promotional products are my specialty.
Whether you call it branded merchandise, advertising specialties, promotional products or swag, these logoed items are one of the most influential, enduring and cost-effective ad mediums available today. I have 16 years’ experience of developing comprehensive marketing programs that incorporate promotional products, and I put this experience to work for my clients every day.

4. I make the process easy.
There are thousands of promotional products on the marketplace, and much goes into selecting the right item for your unique marketing needs. I do the sourcing to ensure you have the highest quality products that meet your budget parameters—all while delighting your target audience. I can even create webstores to manage the logistical end so that you can do what you do best: manage your business.

5. Creative ideas are the foundation for promotions.
I’m an idea person, so there are no one-size-fits all promotions in my book. I incorporate as best practices in corporate marketing as well as bring in ideas from other industries to create a custom campaign to fit your unique needs. I figure out less costly or more effective ways to achieve what you want to accomplish. I suggest different products, uses and distribution techniques for more impact.

6. I’m an educational resource.
I’m a big believer in education, and I’ve created http://corpspecblog.com to be a go-to resource for business owners, corporate marketers, meeting and event planners, and HR pros to learn about promotional marketing and how it can be easily incorporated into the overall marketing mix.

7. I respect your time and honor your business.
You’re a busy professional and I respect you time. Communications are thorough but to the point, and meetings are professional without being overly stuffy. I treat my clients the way I like to be treated and offer you white-glove service. I will work in partnership with you to help you achieve results and will truly honor your business.


If this sounds like the kind of professional relationship you’re looking for in a promotional consultant, let’s talk! Contact me today!