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3 Easy Ways To Professionally Include Your Brand During Video Calls

Published: 2020-05-26 Author: Lisa Horn

Wouldn't it be great to have a home office that was perfectly styled in minimalist décor like professional YouTube vloggers and Instagram influencers? Yeah… 

But the reality for most of us who WFH full-time: Our home offices aren't usually photo ready—or worthy. And for those who have been uprooted from their traditional business office and relocated to their home to work for the foreseeable future, the new office might very well be the dining table. (And there's nothing wrong with that!) 

So even if your home office isn't quite showroom ready, how can you be confident that you're presenting a professional image on your next video chat, sales presentation or online speaking engagement? These three tools will make you look like the pro you are.

Custom Banner Background

Sure you could download a Zoom background to make your space look like it's right out of a Williams Sonoma catalog, but that's not really authentic and it does nothing to build your brand. 

So if you need a quick way to hide the stacks of paper on your desk, dog bed in the middle of the floor or the dusty treadmill in the corner—all while creating a professional brand image—we have the solution. 

Custom banner displays. 

Our favorite is the EuroFit Banner Display because the variety of heights and widths that work with spaces of any size. The sturdy metal base is customized with unlimited fabric cases that simply slip over the frame. And since the cases can be printed in full color, your brand image can be effective and beautiful. 

Learn all about the reasons you'll love these background banners by contacting us here.

Wireless Earbuds With Microphone

Can you hear me now? Nothing is more annoying than bad A/V during an online presentation, except being tethered to your computer with wired earbuds. 

These Budsies™ Wireless Earbuds are outfitted with silicone ear tips and connected by a single sports performance-style cord that rest comfortably in your ears and will never lose each other. And since full digital printing is available on the dome, you can wear your brand, too.

Ready to place an order? Contact us here to get started.

Branded Apparel

Speaking of wearing your brand… 

While working from home doesn't require dressing up, you do want to have a put-together appearance—even if it's casual—while on camera. 

Rather than a t-shirt imprinted with a full-front logo, which most likely will only partially be seen on screen, opt for a more subtle left chest logo placement. It creates subtle brand awareness without being overpowering.

Contact us here for recommendations on decoration options

Presentation Matters

Sure, video calls are fairly casual by nature. But when this becomes how you have face-time with customers, coworkers and company executives, how you present yourself matters. 

With working from home becoming a permanent part of doing business, we mustn't detract from our brand when presenting via video. Boost you brand subtly and professionally using carefully curated background banners, tech and apparel to create an image that's authentic while being on-brand.     

Like a consult to up your WFH presentation game? Our concierge service can put together a cohesive selection of products that will represent your brand consistently. 

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