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Boost Goodwill: Host A Yappy Hour Event

Published: 2019-07-15 Author: Lisa Horn

When we first heard about Yappy Hours from our friends over at Resident Events, we loved the idea. And the more we thought about it, the more we loved it. Why? 

Because it’s a great way to boost goodwill among customers for pet-related businesses—from veterinarians, rescue groups, humane societies, local shelters, groomers, dog and cat show producers, breeders, dog walkers, pet sitters, animal trainers, doggy daycare centers and pet spas. 

But don’t stop there. City parks and recreation departments can host yappy hours at local dog parks to bring people together socially within the community. And companies of any kind that have pet lovers as employees or clients can make it an annual event—especially in pet friendly cities.

 Yappy Hours are a brand building opportunity that shouldn’t be missed—and this is where promotional products (branded with your logo, of course!) come into play. 

What kind of promotional products are available for yappy hours? Here are a few top sellers that you’ll love.

Dog Bag Dispensers

Think about useful items, such as dog bag dispensers with a carabiner. They’re handy for pet owners to pick up after their canine companions when out and about, and it keeps public areas clean and waste free. This one features a twist action flashlight with extra bright white LEDs to make cleanup during evening walks even easier. Its small size (4” long) easily attaches to leashes or belt loops, and the refillable compartment holds 25 disposable bags. A one-color imprint customizes it to your Yappy Hour events. For details and pricing, contact us here.

Pet Rescue Decals

Another idea is Pet Rescue Decals, which alerts emergency personnel to the number of furry friends residing in the home. It’s sized 3 ½” wide x 4 ½” high, has adhesive on the backside for quick installation and is easily removable upon moving. Pricing also includes four-color process imprint. To order, contact us here.

Dog-Safe Flyers

Get the fun flying at Yappy Hour events by giving attendees dog-safe flyers. Made in the USA from soft, durable polyethylene that is FDA compliant safe for food contact, these flyers are safe for both dogs and kids. They’re sized 7 ¼” in diameter, are available in eight colors and can be customized with your logo in one color. Ready to get started? Contact us here.

Dog Bowl & Sports Bottle Set

Keep doggies—and their humans—hydrated while on the go with the Dog Bowl & Sports Bottle Set. The portable dog bowl is water-tight and phthalate-safe and, when not in use, it folds flat and clips to the water bottle with a carabiner. The sports bottle holds 27 ounces and is molded with post-consumer recycled PETE and is BPA-free and food compliant. Choose from nine dog bowl colors and 10 translucent bottle colors. These are a must-have giveaway for Yappy Hour events. Contact us here for details and pricing.

Doggie Treats Bag

Finally, you’ll want to reward good behavior with these Dog Bone Treats. Each pack is customized with your logo and contains four cookie snack treats for easy distribution during Yappy Hour events. Ready to create a delicious campaign? Contact us here

Increasing Brand Awareness—And Goodwill—With Yappy Hour Events

However you celebrate during Yappy Hour events, it’s guaranteed to be a dog-gone good time. 

To make the process of product selection and marketing the event easier, tap into our concierge service. We can work with you to design an amazing event supported by promotional products that fit your brand aesthetic + your budget. 

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