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4 Must-Have Dance Party Products For Your Next Merch Drop

Published: 2024-01-30 Author: Lisa Horn

Whether you're celebrating good times, taking a mental break or reducing stress from a busy day, sometimes ya just gotta dance it out.

Of course, dancing is a great physical activity, but did you know it also boosts creativity? Yep! Dancing has been associated with an increase in creative thinking and problem-solving skills. That sounds good for business...and for life.

Everybody Dance Now

Want to build the ultimate dance party collection for your next merch drop? Put on your boogie shoes (logoed of course!) and get ready to bust a move with these groovy picks:

WHAT: Dance Party! It gets lit when this 30-second dance party button is hit. 

WHY: Get up on your feet and step to the beat for an energy boost, work break or workout. You don't need moves like Jagger to get the physical and mental benefits that having a dance party provides.

WHERE WEAR: Gettin' on the floor for some uptown funk? Make sure your merch is the right fit. 

1. Dance the night away in these joggers

2. Add this crop top for a little boogie fever.  

3. Help your feet keep the beat with these shoes

HOW: Shut up and dance! Pick your playlist and dance like nobody's watching. 

WHEN: Anytime you want your target audience to experience the sweet sensation of being hooked on your brand.

Having the right merch can turn the beat around for any promotional campaign. Our concierge service can work with you to create memorable merch programs whether your audience loves the boot scootin' boogie, does the hustle or goes gangham style.

Can we have this dance? Book a consult here or contact us here.

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