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Driving Home Your Branding Message With Uniforms

Published: 2020-04-14 Author: Lisa Horn

Uniforms have always been an essential component of creating brand awareness and team unity—and that's even more true today with the number of home deliveries skyrocketing during shelter-at-home orders. Even as quarantines are being lifted, the number of deliveries is likely to remain high. 

Give your customers peace of mind by making sure that employees that make deliveries are instantly recognizable through appropriate uniforms.

The Carvana Experience

Back before the coronavirus outbreak, Corporate Specialties President Valerie Hayman Sklar sold a car through Carvana, an online auto retailer who comes directly to your home to pick up the vehicle. You don't want to hand over your expensive car to just anyone who shows up at your door, so it was important for the Carvana employee to look the part and establish trust right from the start. 

He drove up on a flatbed truck with the Carvana logo emblazoned on the side, and he wore a branded jacket, shirt and hat. He carried an iPad with a logoed grip holder and used a branded stylus pen. There was no mistaking he was definitely part of the Carvana team—and the branding looked terrific. 

Beyond that, the transaction itself was flawless, and the overall experience was escalated because everything was on-brand and extremely professional. The Carvana brand was positively accentuated with their entire suite of logoed merchandise—and we can create the same kind of program for you.

Amplify Your Brand Presence With Uniforms

While amazing uniforms can't make up for any sub-par performance, they can amplify great service to create an even better experience. And it's easier than you think. 

Start by looking at the climate and functionality. You want employees to be comfortable while addressing any seasonality changes. Next look at style and color, then align to the casualness or formality of your brand image. 

Finally, you'll want to determine how the garments will be decorated and the quantity needed. There are even options to create an online program for larger companies who want to simplify the process while keeping consistency across multiple locations. (Learn more at Jump Start Your Uniform Program In 7 Easy Steps.)

Put Uniforms To Work For You

While uniforms are essential for delivery teams, don't forget about other front-facing employees in physical locations. It's just as important to outfit them appropriately, especially as new requirements are mandated. There's no reason why your PPE shouldn't be branded and integrated into your overall uniform program. 

As all of us get back to work, keep in mind that there may be limited inventory and/or longer lead times as our vendors restock. But not to worry; our concierge service can create a personalized program to fit your exact uniform needs. 

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