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Create An Employee Onboarding Program—With Merch—That New Hires Will Love

Published: 2022-12-20 Author: Lisa Horn

What is one of the most important things companies must get right? Is it the website? Customer experience? Marketing? Sales process? While all these things are important, none of them happen without having the right employees in place.

Hiring the right employees goes beyond skill set. There must also be a cultural fit, and a desire to be engaged. But here’s the thing about employee engagement: You get out what you put in. 

To have engaged employees, you must engage with them. There’s a difference between hitting the minimum threshold of job performance and truly contributing to organizational success. For the latter, you must have clear communication and real conversations. 

Want employees to buy into your goals, cause or mission? Connect with them on an emotional level. And these emotions form from the minute they come aboard. 

To start building your onboarding program, follow these tips so you’ll be ready before new hires step through the door or login remotely for the first time.

Getting Onboarding Right From The Start

Onboarding is the process used to introduce new hires to your company so they quickly become integrated and feel like part of the team. Big picture, it’s what you want employees to see, hear and feel once they’ve said “yes!” to your offer. 

For onboarding to be successful, you must have a long-term focus. It goes beyond employees filling out the appropriate paperwork on day one, or meeting coworkers and being trained on computer systems in week one. Onboarding encompasses the entire experience of getting employees comfortable, confident and competent in their new role—whether it is a week, a month or a year in the making.

To get onboarding right from the start, look at what really matters to new employees. They want to learn how to do their job and understand the inner workings of the company so they can start doing meaningful work and contribute fast.

To get them there, George Bradt, author, frequent Forbes contributor and expert on how people start new jobs, recommends dividing tasks into the three A’s of onboarding success: Accommodate, Assimilate and Accelerate.


Whether new hires are working at the headquarters office or remotely, make them comfortable when they arrive in-person or log on for their first meeting. Don’t make them wait for equipment, login credentials, work guides, handbooks, tutorials and any other material required to start work. 

Also give them opportunities to learn about the company’s vision, mission, structure, values and culture so they understand the “why” behind the “what.”

And don’t forget a welcome package filled with little extras—company apparel, sweet treats, notebook or writing instruments. These kinds of welcome gifts can provide employees with needed supplies, and bundling the items together as a present lets new hires know you’re thankful they’re there.


Part of bringing new hires onto the team is to help them feel wanted and accepted. Beyond a quick roundup with the team to introduce the new hires, have a buddy system or mentor program to help new staff navigate their first months. Buddies can be a fellow department member but typically not a manager. This allows new hires to feel like they have a safe place to ask any questions and can make mistakes without being judged. 


New hires want to become productive quickly, but don’t misunderstand their desire to learn and flood them with as much information as you can as quickly as possible. No one wants to drink from a firehose. Instead, create a manageable, steady stream of work and learning objectives.

Feedback is also critical at this stage, as employees want to know they’re on the right track. In fact, one of the main reasons new hires quit within the first six months is the lack of feedback on their early contributions. If you want employees to get up to speed quickly while reducing any bad habits or noncompliant processes, give feedback early and often.

Choosing Branded Merch For Employee Onboarding

Starting a new job is a time of excitement and optimism about the possibilities of the future. Show new hires that you’re just as excited to have them on the team by incorporating company merch into your onboarding process.

The perfect onboarding gifts help ensure that you are starting off the employment relationship right. Additionally, thoughtful gifts will not only make new hires feel valued but also show them that you truly are committed to their happiness and success.  

Ready to hit the right note and make beautiful music with your new hires? We composed an arrangement of a few favorite items that are sure to please eyes, ears and taste buds alike. Check ’em out.

Beebop Wireless Headphones

The Beebop™ Wireless Headphones will not only have your new hires whistling while they work, but they’ll also be able to operate enjoyably and effectively in a crystal clear sound environment while on company audio or video calls.

These idyllic headphones provide a beautiful and immersive stereo sound experience with outside noise reduction while also allowing the freedom of wireless movement. Lightweight at 1.1 pounds and adjustable for comfort, the beebop offers 4+ hours of audio playtime per charge and has on-ear buttons for answering calls and controlling music.  

With these headphones, your employees will be able to rock out but not miss out with the built-in microphone for integrated call handling and text notifications. 

To let your new employees enjoy the work and home-life harmony the Beebop Wireless Headphones bring, click here for more information.

Modern Media Stand

For new remote-working or on-the-go employees, the Modern Media Stand is the perfect onboarding work accessory.

This sleek work aide is as useful as it is attractive and affordable. Its well-thought-out design holds phones or tablets at the ideal angle on video calls, and the perfectly placed opening keeps the charging cord wrangled and out of your way. 

Want your brand image to look that much smarter? This ingenious device has ya covered. Give modern workers the tools they’ll soon find completely indispensable. Get all the details on the Modern Media Stand here.

Bubba Envy Vacuum Tumbler

Give your brand the opportunity to go virtually everywhere your employees go with the attention-grabbing Bubba Envy Vacuum Tumbler.

This tumbler not only looks good, it is good. Constructed with vacuum-insulated double-walled stainless steel, the Evvy features an Eastman Tritan copolyester push-on lid with thumb tab, reusable straw with stopper, silicone base pad and rubberized finish. With a 24-ounce capacity, employees can stay hydrated on and off the clock. What else could anyone want in a tumbler? 

Some tumblers may look the part, but the Bubba Envy Vacuum Tumbler is the real deal. Ready to make your employees and your brand image the star of the show? Get all the details here

Creating Your Team Begins With Onboarding

For onboarding to be meaningful, don’t wait until the new hire is standing in the lobby or logging in for the first virtual meeting on day one. Put in the time to create a program and a process that respects new employees while honoring your company values and culture. 

By truly caring about new hires as people and creating an exceptional first experience with your company, you both will know that you made the right choice. 

Whether for in-person meetings or video calls, having your new hires carrying the same stylish, branded gear visually speaks volumes both to them and for them. Plus, it provides a sense of team that in some ways words can’t always express. Want even more ideas? Check out this video:

Let our concierge service help create an unforgettable new-hire merch drop with items that align with your company culture while simultaneously being appealing to new team members. Contact us at or book an appointment at for a quick chat to get started today.  


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