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Products You'll Love: EuroFit Banner Display

Published: 2023-01-24 Author: Lisa Horn

Every business or organization has something to communicate, and display banners are a great way to quickly get a message across. In the past, retractable banner kits have got the job done. But every time you need an updated graphic, an entire new system has to be ordered—and that’s often cost prohibitive.

Now with the new EuroFit Banner Display, you have one sturdy metal unit that can be customized with unlimited fabric cases that simply slip over the frame. And since the cases can be printed in full color, your message can be effective and beautiful.

What Sets It Apart

The EuroFit Banner Display is offered in 6’ and 7.5’ tall options both with four widths (3’, 5’, 8’ and 10’) so you can arrange multiple sizes together for endless display possibilities. There are even 2’ and 3’ tabletop options for even more flexibility.

The lightweight aluminum frame has joints that are clearly labeled for step-by-step frame assembly, and the push-button connectors make setting up and tearing down at events a snap. The slim swivel feet allow EuroFit Displays to be paired at angles, and you can even hinge together multiple Panels with the included EuroFit Connector. The included carrying case allows for easy transport anywhere you need to go.

But what really sets the EuroFit Displays apart is the soft polyester knit banner that is edge-to-edge dye sublimated for excellent color and graphics reproduction. Its two-way stretch allows the full-color, double-sided graphics to slide on the frame with no need to fasten. Think of it as shimmying a pillowcase over a metal frame. Easy peasy.

How To Use It

Whether you want to create amazing backdrops, portable privacy walls or moveable signage, the sturdy EuroFit design has you covered. Just a few ideas of its versatility:

  • B2B firms can use it for trade shows, client presentations, open houses, festivals and career fairs
  • Restaurants and bars can promote new menu items
  • Business services such as banks, insurance brokers and mortgage companies can advertise current offers and services
  • Real estate agents can use it for open houses
  • Apartment complexes and property management companies can use it to promote community specials, amenities and redesigned interiors as well as signage at housing fairs and resident appreciation events
  • Event planners can use it throughout events: Directional signage, welcome banners at the entrance of education and keynote presentations as well as networking parties, and backdrops for selfie stations
  • Retailers can promote seasonal sales and new products
  • Hair salons, spas and nail salons can promote services and show lifestyle images
  • Gyms can advertise new classes
  • Photography studios can showcase their top images
  • Schools and universities can use it during campus visits and new student orientations
  • Musicians, authors and celebrities can promote new albums or books during in-store appearances
  • TV stations can use it on set for special news segments
  • Anyone can use it as a branded video call backdrop

Elevate Your Banner Displays With EuroFit

However you want to visually communicate with your target audience, the EuroFit Banner Display can fit into your messaging strategy. Ready to find out how? Put our concierge service to work. We can help you create the right display configuration that puts your brand center stage. 

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