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Forbes Expert Panel Feature: 16 Strategies For Building A Positive Culture With Onsite And Freelance Talent

Published: 2021-10-22 Author: Lisa Horn

For a business to have long-term vitality, a positive company culture is required. In the past, building this culture happened in person and onsite. But today, the workforce is varied—from 100% onsite to hybrid arrangements to freelance and remote talent. Thus, company leaders are required to be more creative when building and boosting the organization’s culture.

In the article 16 Strategies For Building A Positive Culture With Onsite And Freelance Talent, Valerie Hayman Sklar, Corporate Specialties’ president, joins 15 fellow Forbes Business Council members to talk about successfully building a positive culture with both onsite team members and freelance talent. 

Her takeaway: Creating connections is key. To believe in their work, be inspired and feel like they belong, employees must feel connected. Branded merchandise supports and elevates internal programs by providing a visual and tactile connection to your brand. Build important connections through recruitment and onboarding/inboarding programs, training and safety initiatives, health and wellness programs and annual service awards. 

Check out the entire discussion here. And in case you missed Valerie’s previous feature-length editorials, view her contributions here.  

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