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Forbes Expert Panel Feature: 10 Things To Keep In Mind When Leveraging QR Codes For Business

Published: 2021-10-15 Author: Lisa Horn

If you’ve been to a restaurant in the Covid-era, then you’ve most likely used QR codes to access the menu. They’re a great way to streamline communications by directing consumers directly to a website or landing page. That said, there are common mistakes when adding QR codes to your business communications.

In the article 10 Things To Keep In Mind When Leveraging QR Codes For Business, Valerie Hayman Sklar, Corporate Specialties’ president, joins fellow Forbes Business Council members to talk about successfully implementing QR codes into business operations and marketing. 

Her takeaway: Change QR codes from static single-use to an active part of marketing communication. Regularly update the QR’s landing page to share special offers and discount codes, then use a delivery method that is kept and visible: Promotional products. Imprinting the QR code on mugs, journals, bags and power banks gives recipients incentive to keep the item while reminding them to use the QR to obtain benefits. 

Check out the entire discussion here. And in case you missed Valerie’s previous feature-length editorials, view her contributions here.   

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