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Forbes Expert Panel Feature: 16 Ways To Preserve Company Culture In A Remote Environment

Published: 6/30/2021 Author: Lisa Horn

When it comes to how we work, one of the big revelations since March 2020 is just how productive working from home can be. There’s also the expanded flexibility, reduced commute stress and improved ability to manage children and school, to name a few of the benefits. While there are many positives to WFH, there is concern that company culture is taking a hit in a primarily virtual workforce. 

As 2021 continues to unfold, some employees are returning to a physical workplace, often in a hybrid office environment where they work two or three days in the company HQ and the rest of the time remotely at home. As virtual teams continue, how is company culture being impacted, and what can leadership do to protect and strengthen company culture as the way we work continues to be defined? 

In the article 16 Ways To Preserve Company Culture In A Remote Environment, Valerie Hayman Sklar, Corporate Specialties’ president, joins fellow Forbes Business Council members to talk about successful strategies they’re using to create culture remotely. 

Her takeaway: Look for ways to foster connections between employees so they feel involved and supported. A tangible way is through using branded merchandise. The right company gear given at the right time in the right way can enhance teamwork, foster inclusion and make working remotely easier. 

Check out all of the strategies here. And in case you missed Valerie’s previous articles, check out all of her contributions here.   

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