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Forbes Feature: Seven Ways To Maximize The Impact Of Promotional Products For Virtual Events

Published: 2021-02-09 Author: Lisa Horn

With most in-person events, trade shows and conferences of any size being pushed into 2022 and beyond, meeting planners have turned to virtual events to keep business going. 

While digital connections are practical, we as a society are craving emotional connections. Yet creating an emotional connection is one of the hardest things to facilitate in a virtual event. One thing that can help? Promotional products. 

In the feature Seven Ways To Maximize The Impact Of Promotional Products For Virtual Events, Corporate Specialties President Valerie Hayman Sklar talks about the seven tips to successfully integrate branded merchandise into your next virtual event:

  1. Use A Theme To Create Cohesiveness
  2. Choose Items That Can Be Used During The Event
  3. Consider Logo Placement That Can Be Seen On Screen
  4. Use Swag Bag As An Incentive
  5. Encourage Unboxing Videos
  6. Create An Event Hashtag To Promote Social Sharing
  7. Send A Thank-You Gift

The takeaway? You can bring a personal touch to virtual events…with a little help from promotional products. Ready to learn how? Read the entire article here.

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