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Forbes Feature: Three Ways To Ritualize Recognition Programs To Boost Employee Morale And Engagement

Published: 1/12/2022 Author: Lisa Horn
In 2021, record numbers of Americans quit their jobs. While there are numerous reasons for the Great Resignation, a lack of proper employee recognition is certainly a factor. 

In some cases, recognition is nonexistent. In others, the appreciation may seem insincere or inconsistent. When giving recognition, how it is bestowed matters. 

If you want to elevate how your organization recognizes employees, consider changing the process from a routine to a ritual—and this comes down to intentions. 

In the feature Three Ways To Ritualize Recognition Programs To Boost Employee Morale And Engagement, Corporate Specialties President Valerie Hayman Sklar talks about how companies of any size can ritualize recognition in order to boost employee morale and engagement. How? By being intentional with onboarding and inboarding programs, service anniversaries and employee appreciation celebrations. 

The takeaway? There are a number of robust opportunities to praise employees throughout the year that can be transformed from routines into rituals. 

Want to learn how? Read the entire article here. And check out this article for even more product ideas for ritualizing recognition programs.   

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