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Koozie Group: Six Favorite Factory Tour Finds

Published: 2022-09-20 Author: Lisa Horn

Koozie Group is one of our top, go-to suppliers, so when we had the chance to take a factory tour during the summer, we jumped at the chance.

Not only does Koozie Group drive innovation with 100+ new products annually, but 75% of these items have a sustainability stance and are developed with an industry-leading commitment to product safety, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship. What’s more, they also offer iconic retail-brands such as BIC®, Tervis®, Titleist® and Leatherman®, just to name a few.

While on site, we were able to see how mugs and pens are manufactured and decorated. Fun fact: The pen manufacturing process begins with little pieces of plastic, which get melted and molded into the barrel shape. If the pen has a cap, then it’s imprinted with a logo first then assembled with the ink cartridge. But if the pen has a clip, it’s assembled first so the imprint correctly lines up with the clip! #themoreyouknow

To get a sense of all that goes into manufacturing pens, check out this video on how the BIC® Clic Stic® is made. Fascinating!

Additionally, we got a sneak peek at several new product debuts…and we were totally impressed. We’ve included those, along with some of our best-selling favorites, below so you can get a sense of what’s available. Check ’em out.

SCX Design Speaker Light Ring


When we first saw the SCX Design Speaker Light Ring, we got a little giddy. It’s that cool. Why? Because it brings the beats with unparalleled sound quality for its size. When the speaker is stationary, simply tilt the ring to greatly enhance the sound quality. 

What’s more, it features a dual-speaker output for a stereo effect. You can even pair two speakers to pump up the volume. There’s also a conference call function with built-in microphone when you need to take a break from jamming and get some work done.

But it’s not just for home or office. Its round size makes it ideal for fitting in a cup holder on a golf cart, and its silver ring also doubles as a carabiner. Easily attach it to a backpack, bike, scooter or your belt so you can bring it almost anywhere while on the go. 

The silver stand, a fun light-up logo and rubberized finish make this speaker look as good as it sounds. And it’s packaged in a premium gift box to make a great impression. (Hello unboxing videos!) 

Want your brand on a rockin’ product? Make a sound choice with the SCX Design Speaker Light Ring. Contact us here for all the details.

SCX Design Notebook Power Bank


Another debut in this contemporary collection, SCX Design Notebook Power Bank has a feature we’ve never seen in a notebook before: a motion sensor that illuminates your logo when movement is present. When clients reach for it, the light of your brand image illuminates for them mentally as well as physically. Brilliant!

This classically styled black-leather-cased padfolio is perfectly sized at 9.25” x  6.5” and has a removable A5 notebook that is ideal for jotting notes or updating a to-do list. But this notebook is so much more. 

It also has a built-in 4000 mAh power bank with a 3-in-1 integrated cable compatible with Apple® 8-Pin, Micro-USB and USB Type-C devices. You read that right. Yes, you can take notes AND charge your phone at the same time. With. A. Notebook. More brilliance!

And since it’s less than an inch thick, you can easily toss it in a backpack, messenger bag, tote or purse for on-the-go note taking or powering-up. 

Talk about practicality meeting 21st century technology. And to top it all off, it’s packaged in a premium gift box.

Want this smart, multifunctional SCX Design Notebook Power Bank as an indispensable arrow in your marketing quiver? You’re ready to hit the bullseye. Contact us here to get started.  

Sticky Note Cube


While a Sticky Note Cube may not seem as slick and sexy as a notebook that doubles as a power bank, when you can print photographically in vibrant four-color-process on all four sides, it becomes a powerful branding tool with almost unlimited promotional possibilities.

This fun little hexahedron is a great addition to employee onboarding kits, can be used as sales call leave-behinds, turned into a memorable direct mail promo or added to any campaign where you want to furnish form, function and style on the desktop.

Put your company image square in front of your desired audience with this Sticky Note Cube. Contact here for details.

BIC® Round Stic® Pen


What good is all this talk of paper without a pen to write with?! You know the BIC Round Stic Pen; it’s recognized around the world because it’s one of the most dependable pens available.

Affordable and versatile, the Round Stic features a lightweight barrel, ventilated cap, and medium ballpoint for smooth and consistent writing. With 600 barrel and trim color combinations, you can easily create a suite of coordinating pens in your company colors to maximize brand impact. 

Ready to write your promotional story beautifully—in blue, black or purple ink? Contact us here to for all the details on the BIC Round Stic Pen.

BIC® Tri-Stic® Pen


Want a pen with a new angle? The BIC Tri-Stic Pen’s triangular shape offers loads of promo possibilities. Three sides means there are three different imprint areas that can be decorated in three different colors—making it the perfect pen to display your logo, website and phone number. 

Having an event with sponsors? Now you can triple-brand one pen. Smart marketing!

What’s more, you can choose from medium ballpoint or fine point in either blue or black ink, AND there are nearly 200 possible trim and barrel color combinations. Branding bonanza! 

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then use this sharp merch to cut through all the branding clutter. Contact us here to start writing your brand story with the BIC Tri-Stic.

Koozie®: The Original Can Kooler

No conversation about the Koozie Group would be complete without mentioning the Original Koozie® Can Kooler that keeps drinks cooler, longer. After all, the Koozie® brand is The Original Chill! 

From the pool party to the tailgate party, from the softball field to the golf course, the Original Can Kooler goes where the fun is. With one color imprint in two locations and 12 colors options, the Koozie shows off your brand with a pop of color—and style.  

To let your audience drink up your brand image in a refreshing way with the beverage insulator that started it all, contact us here to add the Original Koozie Can Kooler to your marketing lineup.

Let’s Create Some Kool Merch Together

Like what ya see? So did we. And this is just a small sampling of all that the Koozie Group has to offer. 

To find out more about the products above as well as all that’s available from the entire Koozie Group collection, put our concierge service to work. Contact us at or book an appointment at for a quick chat to get started today. 

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