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Got Stress? We Have Relief: The PetitPop

Published: 2023-03-21 Author: Lisa Horn

American workers are a stressful bunch. Deadlines, meetings and project overload, oh my!

It's no wonder that 94% of U.S. workers report having work-related stress, according to the Wrike 2019 Stress in the Workplace Survey). What's more, the American Psychological Association found that work is the #1 source of stress in the U.S. That's ahead of money, health and relationships!

April is Stress Awareness Month. So if your health and wellness initiatives include stress management, don't forget to include branded merch to support the program AND give employees a fun and easy way to alleviate workday tension.

Say Hello To The PetitPop 

Pop stress away with the PetitPop, a mini silicone bubble popper that relieves stress and anxiety through sensory stimulation. 

Popping the silicone bubble can be quite satisfying. Just use a finger to depress the bubble to the other side, flip over, pop it, turn it over and press again!

The PetitPop is washable and endlessly reusable, keeping your brand at recipients' fingertips (literally!). Customize it via four-color printing, giving you infinite possibilities to tie into any marketing campaign or branding initiative. 

For even more brand building opportunities, create a custom insert like this one from Lyft:

How To Use It

Whether you offer health and wellness services or simply want to promote a stress-free lifestyle to employees and customers, the PetitPop can deliver your message. How? Check out these ideas:

  • Companies of any kind can include it in employee onboarding kits or add it to health and wellness campaigns
  • Health insurance companies, clinics and doctors can use it as part of a mental health awareness campaign
  • Mental health practitioners and facilities can use it as a tool to reduce anxiety during treatment
  • Accountants and tax-prep firms can use it as a brand awareness piece to reduce anxiety around paying taxes
  • Auto dealerships can attach keys/fob to it for vehicle purchase or offer it as a part of a thank-you gift for test driving a car
  • Auto services companies—oil change and tire retailers, garages, repair shops and even car washes—can attach it to the customers keys when the car is returned after service
  • Apartment complexes and property management companies can use it as a part of a Welcome Home gift set and attach the resident’s keys to it for move in
  • Yoga studios and spas can use it in direct mail to promote their relaxation and stress-relief services

Add Pop To Promotions With PetitPop

If you’re ready to add some snap, crackle and POP! to your next promotional marketing campaign, the small but mighty PetitPop will get your brand noticed. Our concierge service can work with you to strategically incorporate the PetitPop into campaigns for Stress Awareness Month, health and wellness programs throughout the year or anytime you want your brand to be associated with ease and relaxation.

Ready to get to work building an integrated campaign that your employees and/or customers will love? Let’s chat. Contact us at or book an appointment at to get started today. 


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