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Say Hello To Concierge Service For Branded Merchandise

Published: 2020-03-17 Author: Lisa Horn

Have you ever been on a trip and wanted to plan a really special day filled with fun, food and experiences unique to the place you're visiting? Sure, you could spend hours searching on Google trying to piece together all the particulars. Or, you could talk with the hotel concierge. 

The concierge knows the best places to go beyond what's on the first page of online search results. Those off-the-beaten-path destinations that only locals know. The restaurant with the best margaritas you've ever tasted while sitting on a patio with a fantastic view. The rare book store. The obscure museum. The intimate music venue that features the best local talent. 

With the help of the right concierge, you can create a memorable experience that was far more personal than anything top Google search results and paid ads could ever do. Plus, the concierge can work with budgets of all sizes, because he or she knows the experience doesn't have to be expensive to make it amazing. 

Wouldn't it be cool if there was this kind of service for buying branded merchandise? One that not only streamlines the purchasing process but also ensures that you and your target audience will love the items—all without relying on a computer algorithm to choose what's right for your brand? 

There is.

Concierge Service: The Best Way To Buy Promotional Products

Like a hotel concierge who knows all the best restaurants and can get tickets to all the hot shows, the team at Corporate Specialties knows what promotional products are on-trend, on-brand and will get results. 

How can using Corporate Specialties Concierge Service benefit you? Let's look at the top five ways:

1. Superior personalized service.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all promotional products. We work with you to strategically plan a comprehensive promotional marketing campaign that not only includes product selection but also assembly, packaging and distribution. This kind of full service improves the campaign's creative aspect, eliminates missed opportunities and builds in ROI.

2. Stronger product recommendations—including unexpected items.

By personally working with you to understand the purpose behind your promotion, we can offer a broader selection of products beyond the usual suspects. Perhaps the items themselves are unexpected or maybe we take traditional items and add a twist to make the campaign unique.

3. Better integration into overall marketing programs.

Rather than tacking on promotional products to a promotional because you “need to have a giveaway,” we work with you from the beginning of the campaign to strategically weave branded merchandise into the fabric of the campaign so it makes the most impact with your target audience.

4. More opportunities for custom products that are totally unique to your brand.

We have custom sourcing partners that can take an idea sketched on a napkin and turn it into a beautiful piece of merchandise to build your brand. If you want to make an impact with recipients and cement your brand in their minds, give them something they've never seen before and can't get anywhere else.

5. Less time—and often money—spent.

There's a misconception that this kind of personal service is time consuming and expensive. Not true! In fact, our concierge service can save you hours of searching time on your own, and we can help save you money by smart with your budget. A mass giveaway of cheap items isn't necessarily the way to go. A higher-quality product applied to a more targeted audience will most likely net better results.

Experience Concierge Service For Yourself

Ready to make a change with how you purchase promotional products? Then contact us at or book an appointment at today. Choose from quick 10-minute chats, 20-minute new product calls and 30-minute brainstorming sessions to get started. We can't wait to hear from you! 

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