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Staying Connected While Working From Home

Published: 2021-02-02 Author: Lisa Horn

It's been almost a year since COVID transitioned much of the workforce into home offices, and the future of work, at least through 2021, will continue to be remote. 

In many cases, remote work will become permanent. According to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), the percentage of workers around the world that is permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021. 

While most executives expect options for remote work, a PWC survey found that they are also worried about the effects. Sixty-eight percent say a typical employee should be in the office at least three days a week to maintain a distinct company culture. 

Collaboration is also an issue. Being able to physically be in the same space as coworkers and clients for important meetings and brainstorming sessions has many benefits. Thus, many firms will be reorganizing to a hybrid workplace, one where staff rotates in and out of offices configured for shared spaces. 

With less than one in five executives in the PWC survey saying that they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic, it's clear that the workplace landscape has forever changed. 

What hasn't changed is the need to keep employee morale high, teams engaged, and individuals feeling appreciated and valued. In fact, these may be more important than ever before. 

One way to foster important connections with employees is through branded merchandise. Creating t-shirts or hats for employees to wear during video calls, for example, is a way to boost camaraderie. Hosting weekly virtual coffee breaks and providing coffee, tea and a branded mug brings your team together casually. You can also look at tech products that can keep your staff connected while keeping the team spirit alive.

Tech Gifts That Get The Job Done—And Your Team Will Love

The great thing about tech products is that they not only facilitate working from home, but they also have the capacity to be ideal brand builders for your company. Here are six items that top our list.


The FoldStand is a welcome gift that solves an annoying problem: Getting your phone propped up at the ideal angle. No more leaning it against a stack of books. Or a plant. Ditch the makeshift phone stand for a legit option that not only gets the job done but also looks great doing it. 

The FoldStand is a pocket-sized, universal phone stand that allows your device to rest at a comfortable angle that's perfect for watching training videos, keeping an eye on emails or attending virtual meetings. The sleek custom packaging elevates the gift experience. For more details and to place an order, contact us here.

PowerBuds And FoldStand Kit

For a more robust gifting option, add PowerBuds—Bluetooth wireless earbuds that provide eight hours of playtime and include a built-in microphone for phone calls—to the FoldStand for a practical kit that's integral to employees' work-from-home setup. 

They're packaged in a convenient carrying case for easy transport wherever the home office may be. Get all the details by contacting us here.

PowerPad And Luna Kit

Show employees you want them to be successful while working remotely by giving the PowerPad and Luna Kit, which ensures your team can get everything done from their home office. 

The PowerPad includes a wireless charging pad and a USB charging port to plug in an Apple Watch or other devices. The Luna, a Bluetooth speaker with powerful and rich sound, helps employees listen to phone calls, Skype chats, remote webinars and more. 

If you're ready to put these tech tools to work for you, contact us to place your order.

CableCatch And Cable Kit

Want to keep employees connected, literally? Give them the CableCatch and Cable Kit. CableCatch is the perfect docking station for cables, chargers, headphones and more. The kit comes complete with a Type-C charging cable and cable dock. 

Adhere the CableCatch to a desk or side table, then simply place cords between the silicone notches for an instantly tidier space that would make Marie Kondo proud. Ready to get cords organized? Contact us for details.

Forte Bluetooth Speaker

Showing employees that you appreciate all their hard work is so important. One gift they'll love? The Forte Bluetooth Speaker. This multi-tasker combines a wireless charger with a powerful speaker that includes two impressive five-watt drivers and a passive radiator for rich bass. 

With 15 hours of playback time and a 4,400 mAh battery to power the speaker and charge phones and USB-powered devices, this is a great gift that can easily be incorporated into employees' lives. Contact us here for details.

FoldStand, JotBook And PenPal Set

Just because annual sales conferences, vocational trainings and educational webinars have gone virtual, there's no reason you can't continue to provide a branded event experience. Simply send attendees a pre-event welcome gift, such as the FoldStand, JotBook and PenPal set. 

The FoldStand props up a phone or tablet for hands-free viewing, plus it allows for multiple positions to reduce screen glare. The JotBook, a spiral-bound notebook with 80 pages, allows for quick note taking during sessions, and the PenPal, an elastic pen holder that attaches to any notebook, tablet or whiteboard, makes sure a writing instrument is always at hand. Place your order by contacting us here.

Create A Culture Of Recognition

Keeping employees engaged can be challenging, especially when teams are working remotely. But there are lots of ways to cultivate connections while showing appreciation. The tech items above are just a few ideas. 

If you loved one of the kits above and would like to incorporate it into your employee engagement strategies, let's chat. Through our concierge service, we can help you choose products that not only increase employee productivity while they WFH but also become amazing assets to boost morale. 

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