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Valerie Hayman Sklar Joins Jon Dwoskin On THINK Business LIVE Podcast

Published: 2021-08-03 Author: Lisa Horn

Promotional products are often viewed as a commodity rather than the powerful advertising and branding tools that they are. Why the disconnect? Strategy

In this episode of THINK Business LIVE with business coach Jon Dwoskin, Corporate Specialties President Valerie Hayman Sklar talks with Jon about the effectiveness of branded merchandise when a strategy is implemented. When you have a promotional strategy that is specific to your company’s business and marketing goals, you can achieve a true return on your investment. 

Additionally, Jon and Valerie talk about how promotional products can be used to:

  • Keep a company’s vision alive
  • Build company culture
  • Onboard new hires as well as employees returning to work in hybrid office environments
  • Warm up sales calls
  • Stay top-of-mind all throughout the year

Valerie gives specific examples of how you can easily and organically incorporate simple, but useful items—pens, sticky notes, apparel, umbrellas and ice scrapers—so that they’re a natural extension of your brand. These ideas will change how you interact with customers and prospects forever. 

Jon says, “You can’t put a price on a good idea.” And he’s right. So if you’re ready for rapid-fire ideas at how you can level up your promo game, grab a journal book and pen (if you don’t have these with your logo on it, we can help you with that!) for note taking and push play. 

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