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Branded Merch For Fun & Games All Year Long

Published: 2023-08-22 Author: Lisa Horn


If you want your brand to be associated with fun and good times, add games to your branded merch lineup. Board and tabletop games are experiencing a resurgence. In fact, there’s a “golden age not seen since the ’80s,” according to industry experts in this Washington Post article.

What’s more, The Post reported that the global board game market has an estimated value of $11 - $13.4 billion and is projected to grow by another 7 - 11% within the next five years. Bottom line: Games are hot. With the holidays just around the corner, why not tap into the trend by aligning your brand with all the fun that games provide.

From strategic board games to more physically interactive contests, these three games will not only make your logo sparkle but also entertain all who play. Ready to have the laughter flowing like eggnog this holiday season? Check ’em out: 

Lifestyle 7-In-1 Desktop Game Set


Let the games begin! The classic Lifestyle 7-In-1 Desktop Game Set is not only stylish but also brings an array of time-honored game options that are fun for all. The set includes chess, checkers, dominos, backgammon, playing cards, four dice and a cribbage board with pegs + an instruction booklet so players of all ages know the rules. No cheating! 😉

What’s more, all the game components are stored neatly inside an 11.5” square wooden case for easy storage and transport. And while all the merriment of these friendly contests is underway, your company logo is always at the center of the action. 

What a set! If you want a corporate gift that is sure to deliver fun and great memories all year long—while beautifully showcasing your brand—click here to see the Lifestyle 7-In-1 Desktop Game Set for yourself.

Giant Tumble Tower Game


Want a little more physical action than board games provide? Then hop up from the table to get moving with the Giant Tumble Tower wood block game. Stack the column high and then strategically remove one piece at a time so the tower stays balanced…until it tumbles! 

This monument to your company logo grows to more than five feet high, and it has 54 wood blocks with a one-color logo printed on each of them. That’s 54 opportunities for your brand to be in customers’ hands!

The Giant Tumble Tower is not only great for holiday fun but also outdoor get-togethers from parties and picnics to the beach, tailgating and more. It comes complete with a specially designed carrying case that makes for easy transport and storage. 

To rock the blocks at your company’s next festive shindig, click here to learn more.

Tabletop Pong Game


Get the competitive cranberry juices—or any other beverage of choice—flowing with the Tabletop Pong Game. This ingeniously designed, precision-cut board is fun for everyone whether you’re playing in the office or at home.

Made from beautiful hardwood, this board will not only keep everything fair and square but also ensure all 24 included cups remain upright. No party fouls from spillage! It is sized 9” x 18.5”, weighs three pounds and includes two pong balls.

The Tabletop Pong Game is another fantastic opportunity to showcase your company logo, as it is literally at the center of everyone’s focus on each shot. No matter who wins or loses, your brand image still wins! Get all the details here.

Give Branded Games For Fun All Year Long

It can’t all be fun and games, right? Oh… wait… yes it can! And your company logo can be the one getting all the presents this holiday season. 

Want to give corporate gifts that keep on giving all year long? Reach out at or book an appointment at to schedule a quick chat. Our concierge service can help you choose branded merch that elevates your marketing campaigns and makes this a holiday season to remember.

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