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Say Cheese! 3 Charcuterie Boards That Guarantee Smiles

Published: 2023-07-18 Author: Brian Horn

Hola! and Mucho Gusto! to good times and great eats. Quality charcuterie and cheese boards bring sophistication and celebration to office meetings or at home get-togethers of virtually any kind. When your brand can be taken into the home and integrated into the daily lives of recipients, that’s smart marketing.

Where to start? We’ve curated three of our absolute favorites that are culinary delights. So bring on the Gouda or the Camembert, the Swiss or the Fontina, and watch your brand image make a delicious impression. 

Mini Round Cheese Board & Knife Set


Do your ideal clients like to have smaller gatherings that are more intimate in size? Perhaps you’re having an event and want each attendee to have a personal board? Feast your eyes on the Mini Round Cheese Board & Knife Set

Crafted out of durable and beautiful ½” acacia wood, the board is sized at 5 5/8" x 8", and comes with a knife and fork fashioned of acacia wood & stainless steel. With your logo laser engraved on this classically styled board, your brand is sure to shine. 

If you want to serve up your brand image with taste, check out the Mini Round Cheese Board & Knife Set here

La Cuisine Charcuterie Board


Bon Appetit! Great food presented in beautiful style with your company logo at the center of everyone's attention, how appetizing is that? Say bonjour to the La Cuisine Charcuterie Board

This luxe board is handcrafted in stunning acacia wood and has a provincial-looking rawhide leather hanging strap. What’s more, each piece is singularly unique because of the grain of the wood. Whether you're cutting vegetables, cheese or meats, serving guests or creating an Instagram-worthy display in your kitchen, this board has as much functionality as it does good looks.

Ready to have your guests' estimation of your brand as well as their taste buds saying merci beaucoup? Click here to see the La Cuisine Charcuterie Board yourself. 

Fabrizio Cheese Platter Kit


Ciao! Or is that chow?! 😉Either way, this Fabrizio Cheese Platter Kit is ideal for your next outing. Indoors or out, company event or camping trip, this cleverly portable kit sets the table and the mood perfectly. 

The kit comes complete with a bamboo cutting/cheese board and stainless steel cheese tools including a fork-tipped spear, a cleaver and a cheese plane. Best of all, everything stays compactly and neatly organized in a Fabrizio portable vinyl zip case—emblazoned with your logo, of course. 

Whether at home or on the go, the Fabrizio Cheese Platter Kit is the essential entertaining tool. Get all the details here

It’s Easy Being Cheesy 

From brie and wine pairing to queso and chips, charcuterie and cheese boards will have everyone saying “cheese, please!” But there’s a lot more to charcuterie than fabulous cheese and artisanal meats.

For those who want more plant-based fare, think about creating wellness boards like this WW zero-point charcuterie board or colorful crudité board. Or for a treat when calories (and cholesterol!) aren’t a consideration, you can create an EPIC french fry board. You can even make kid friendly charcuterie boards for those who are young…or young at heart. (Count us in for the pancakes board, please!)

Just the thought of these delicious charcuterie boards has our mouths watering. How ‘bout you? That’s because good food crosses all barriers and brings people together in ways other things simply just cannot. And as this magic occurs, smiles will abound and your logoed charcuterie boards will be right there, front and center, to leave an indelible impression. 

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