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Ding! Gift Ideas That Are A TECHnical Knockout

Published: 2023-06-28 Author: Brian Horn

Searching for the right corporate gift can sometimes leave you feeling dazed and wanting to throw in the towel. Fear not! We’ve put together a winning combination of top tech gifts that are sure to impress the judges. 

What makes tech gifts such a winner? They’re unisex, good for customers or coworkers alike, and appropriate for any season of the year. Plus, they’re equally useful at home, in the office or on-the-go.

So if you want to make the right impression with tech gifts, look no further. You’ve just found three knockout items for your next promotional marketing campaign, employee onboarding program or corporate gifting opportunity.

The Tibo Ophelia Naomie 3-Piece Kit


Introducing in this corner, the Tibo Ophelia Naomie 3-Piece Kit. This brand image highlighting gift set that is as smart and functional as it is stylish.  

The Tibo rubberized light-up logo pen holder does double-duty as a wireless charger, keeping your workstation less cluttered. The Ophelia 4-in-1 cable organizer ensures you always have the right cable for the right device. And the Naomie light up ballpoint pen allows your brand image to shine bright. All three items are decorated with your logo and are beautifully packaged in a branded box.

This top-ranked gift set will have your logo claiming victory. Get all the details here

ClearPad Glow

Now stepping into the ring, an excitingly new up-and-comer desktop item, the sleek ClearPad Glow. This innovative, trendy light up memo pad inspires creativity. Just use the supplied chalk marker to make quick notes, doodle or display an inspirational quote. Then wipe it clean and reuse it endlessly. 

This digital memo pad is illuminated by five LED cool white lights; just connect the USB cord to a computer or adapter. The ClearPad Glow can also stay illuminated for up to two hours without being plugged in. 

Great gifting doesn’t require fancy footwork or bobbing and weaving. Just contact us to learn more.

The Ari Notes Kit

Now, for the final challenger: The Ari Notes two-piece gift set that packs a one-two punch. 

The Ari 5-watt mini speaker is engineered to have impressive sound whether it’s pumping out the tunes or being used during WFH conference calls. To make the most impact, imprint it with full-color graphics and logos. 

Accompanying the Ari, a fully customizable note card allows you to express thanks, offer meaningful information, provide a list of services, include an invitation or give a call to action. The set is packaged in a customizable white gift box that features a magnetic lid and precision cut foam insert to display and hold the Ari and the notecard.  

If you want a tech gift that sounds as good as it looks, contact us for more information. 

Merch That Goes The Distance

There’s no need to fight through a continuous flurry of non-contending gift ideas. The items above are prohibitive favorites and sure to get your brand image’s hand raised in victory. 

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