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Amplify Your Brand With These Top 11 Promotional Tech Items

Published: 2022-02-08 Author: Lisa Horn

Want corporate gifts that recipients are guaranteed to love? Promotional tech items are always a favorite. From students to corporate execs, factory workers to musicians, chefs to delivery drivers and everyone in between, people are using their devices more often to do all the things. 

We've hand-selected promotional tech items that are popular across all demographics to give you a glimpse of what's available in this vast category of branded merchandise. From Bluetooth speakers to power banks to programmable robots and more, these promotional tech products would be perfect for your next campaign (and the one after that, too!). Check these out and see for yourself:

Virtual Reality Headset With Headphones

The virtual reality market is growing exponentially, so why not integrate this trend into your marketing to create an immersive brand experience?

This Virtual Reality Headset includes headphones that plug directly into a smartphone. Simply download any virtual reality or 3D app on the phone to begin the VR experience. The adjustable head strap makes it one size fits all, and the padded headset allows wearers to experience virtual reality in comfort. 

Get you logo physically in the hands of ideal clients to augment the virtual experience. Order the Virtual Reality Headset here.

Ella Selfie Light Ring

Need to have a Zoom meeting but it’s late in the day and the natural light in your office is fading? Or maybe you’re shooting a quick Instagram Reel and the overhead light is casting shadows on your face? The Ella Selfie Light Ring comes to the rescue.

The light ring has 36 LED lights and three brightness settings for just the right look. It’s compatible with most digital devices and laptops by simply clipping it near or around your device's camera. 

Since the Ella is lightweight and compact, it’s easy to store, add to your travel must-haves, or use as flashlight, emergency light or makeup light. It's powered by two easily replaceable AAA batteries (included) and comes packed in a gift box.

Want that extra glow for your company meetings, zoom calls or video chats? The Ella Selfie Light Ring will illuminate your surroundings and brighten your day. Get all the details here.

Vacuum Bottle Wireless Speaker

With the Vacuum Bottle Wireless Speaker, your top tunes can accompany a favorite beverage anywhere you go. The 12-ounce bottle is made of stainless steel with a black matte finish and is available with eight accent colors—black, blue, gray, green, orange, pink, purple and red.

It features a screw-on, spill-resistant lid with easy-carry handle and has up to 90 minutes of play time. It pairs to your device from up to 30 feet away and comes complete with a micro-USB input and 300 mAh lithium polymer battery. 

The Vacuum Bottle is great for all outdoor activities that can be enhanced with a little soundtrack. Whether at the pool, hiking in the wilderness or even while biking, the container fits right in the water bottle holder. It makes a great addition to an employee wellness package (water is a necessity for the body, music for the soul) as well as a perfect thank you gift to partners or clients. 

Pump up the volume on your next promotion by adding the Vacuum Bottle Wireless Speaker to your next campaign. Contact us here to get started.

4-In-1 Charging Buddy


These days, it's common for people to own a whole arsenal of phones, tablets and other digital gadgets. Keeping separate chargers can get messy and confusing, especially when traveling. No one wants a bird's nest of cables and wires in their carry-on! 

Cue the 4-in-1 Charging Buddy. It has the power to connect with your ideal clients and will soon be your new marketing BFF. 

Measuring 1.25" x 6.75" and available in several colors, this handy tech item includes two micro-USB connectors, a mini-USB connector and a detachable MFi certified Apple® Lightning™ cable connector. Simply plug the cable into a powered USB port and then into your devices. Customize with an imprint of your company name, logo and more for maximum brand exposure. 

Use the Charging Buddy for event promotions—as a giveaway for in-person meetings or as part of a swag bag for virtual conferences. It's compact enough to not be cumbersome and useful enough that recipients won't overlook it. It also makes a great onboarding item for new employees, especially those who will be using compatible mobile devices for work. 

See the Charging Buddy for yourself here and put the power of promotional tech items to work for you.

AayteeTM Voice-Activated Robot

If you're looking for promotional tech items with personality, say hello to Aaytee—the not-so-average robot—and let your branding adventures begin. This little guy is equipped with touch sensing mode to control movements, allowing it to move forward, backward, turn, spin, sing and dance. 

It can playback four songs (dance party!) and respond to voice commands. Simply program via voice repeat and voice recording mode. Then say “Hi Aaytee!” and watch it spin with glee. 

Since you can record a personal message as a part of Aaytee's programming, it makes a great gift for clients (thanks for your business!) as well as employees (welcome to the team! congrats on your promotion!). You could also use it as a VIP gift for virtual events, or make it a raffle prize for conference attendees. 

Let Aaytee animate your brand. Contact us to get all the details here.

Clip Clap Bluetooth Speaker

Small but mighty, the Clip Clap Bluetooth Speaker will surprise you with the clear, high-quality sounds produced by such a tiny device. Sized 4.9" x 1.7" x 0.7", this portable speaker has a working range of 10 meters (33 feet) and plays music or other audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Enjoy up to 1.5 hours of music at max volume on a single charge. Includes a micro-USB charging cable as well as a built-in microphone. 

B2B firms can use these speakers as a sales call leave-behind as a way to say “thanks for listening.” Entrepreneurs can build a self-promotion around the speakers with all the reasons why they can help recipients rock in their respective businesses. Apartment communities as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and title companies can use them as “welcome home” gifts. 

Whether your customers are a little bit country or a little bit rock ‘n' roll, Bluetooth speakers are a perfect, universal gift. See what makes the Clip Clap special here

Travel Soft™ Three-In-One Mouse Pad

With hybrid offices becoming the norm, being able to easily transport work setups is essential. Make it easy with the Travel Soft Three-In-One Mouse Pad. This thin microfiber mouse pad does triple duty by also serving as a soft microfiber cleaning cloth and a keyboard/screen protector. Sized 10 1/4″ W x 6 3/8″, the pad’s non-skid rubber base prevents sliding, and built-in antimicrobial properties protect it from odors and stains. 

If your ideal clients work from home, the local coffee shop or at an Airbnb, they need the Travel Soft mouse pad. Get all the details by contacting us here.

Webcam Cover

Privacy in our digital age is paramount, so give your customers a little peace of mind with a custom-branded Webcam Cover. It's easy to use; simply slide it to the left to cover the webcam or slide it to the right to open the webcam. This model fits multiple devices including computers, laptops and external webcams, plus it's thin enough to still allow laptops to close while the cover is attached. 

Custom packaging is available, giving you the option to turn these promotional tech items into postcards, business cards or direct mail campaigns. You could even use them as an incentive for signing up for your email list, ensuring your audience that you take their privacy seriously and don't sell your list. 

Uncover the top webcam cover for your next promo by contacting us here.

JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

Music is the soundtrack to our lives, so why depend on the lame speakers from a phone or tablet to jam out to your fave tunes? The JBL Pulse 4 is a 360-degree, audio-visual experience that will make your brand rock—just add your logo to the front imprint area and let the music play

The Pulse 4 delivers JBL signature sound in every direction with its ingenious, 360-degree speaker array, plus it shines through the night with a high-resolution, 360-degree LED lightshow. And since it is IPX7 waterproof up to three-feet deep, you can fearlessly entertain outdoors all night long (up to 12 hours) on a single charge. 

The JBL Connect App rules this party, allowing you to change the sound-responsive colors and patterns so you can visualize music with a variety of light show themes or customize your own. 

Since JBL is a hot retail brand, it will immediately get recipients' attention. With this brand recognition, however, comes a higher price point. So use these speakers as an incentive for sales teams to reach goals. Offer them as employee service awards for longevity or outstanding performance. Use them in a drawing for event attendees to enter a chance to win. Give them to high-profile clients as a thank-you gift. Raffle them off in a charity fundraiser. 

These are just a few of the ways to incorporate promotional tech items into your marketing campaigns. Like what you hear? Contact us for all the details.

Cobble Carabiner Power Bank


If your phone has ever died while on that important call with a client or while videoing your kid's school recital, then you know how great it is to have a power bank on hand. The Cobble Carabiner Power Bank is a slick, UL-listed portable charger that can clip to a backpack or belt loop via its carabiner attachment for easy accessibility. Sized at 2.5" x 4.5", it fits into a pocket for snug storage, making portable power-ups simple and easy. 

A 5000 mAh lithium polymer Grade-A non-recycled battery as well as a USB output and micro-USB input with cord are included. Ideal for juicing up any device, it can be imprinted with your company logo and message for maximum brand exposure. Choose from black, blue, gray, green or red. 

Since power banks have universal appeal, you can use them for just about any promo, such as virtual events, employee onboarding and client thank-you gifts. Have fun with taglines that show how your products or services can give a “boost” or provide the “power” to achieve their goals. Once you give these promotional tech items, you'll quickly become a hero

Charging your devices on the go will be easier than ever with this carabiner power bank. See for yourself by contacting us here.

Dripz Waterproof Earbuds

Are your clients in a rainy climate? Do they like to swim or lounge on the beach? Then dive into your next promo with Dripz waterproof wireless earbuds. Employing IPX7 Waterproof technology, these headphones have wireless capability up to 33 feet and feature on-ear controls with built-in microphone. 

The comfortable and secure shape of the headphones ensures they won't fall out of the ear while on the go. Dripz include a branded case that also works as a power bank for the buds. 

These earbuds would make great employee onboarding gifts, especially for remote workers who will be participating in meetings and sales calls virtually. Use as customer appreciation gifts and your clients will always think of you when they listen to their favorite playlists. 

Forget the umbrella; singing in the rain is easy with Dripz. For more details, contact us here.

Incorporate Promotional Tech Items Into Your Next Campaign

With the variety of promotional tech items, there's something for any size or kind of business—from professional organizations to corporations, tech companies to educational institutes, B2B firms to retail shops. Check out this video for even more ideas:

If you love one of the ideas above or are interested in items that keep people connected while working from home, our concierge service can show you all the ways to shine a light on your company that will make your competition jealous

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