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3 Retail-Inspired Promotional Coffee Mugs That Perk Up Marketing Campaigns

Published: 2023-10-03 Author: Lisa Horn

Here’s a great idea: If you want to establish an emotional connection with your customers, give them an AWESOME coffee mug. 

Why? Because 60% of people have an “emotional attachment” to their favorite mug, and 31% are so protective of their special drinking vessel that they never let anyone else drink from it, according to research from Heinz. What’s more, 42% said their special mug was irreplaceable, and about one-third said they would be devastated if it broke. 

It’s funny how humans develop such affection around inanimate objects, but there are psychological reasons why it happens. Psychology Today reported that much of this devotion comes down to the simple sense of personal ownership. “Several studies of the endowment effect—the tendency for people to overvalue their own possessions—actually looked at people’s valuations of their coffee mugs. Researchers found that people ascribed greater value to a mug when they owned it,” writes Linda Wasmer Andrews in the article 6 Reasons We're Emotionally Attached to Our Favorite Mugs.

But there’s more to it. Andrews says that people are more likely to be obsessed with a favorite mug than, say, a favorite fork. “One reason: Mugs are common gifts, souvenirs and keepsakes, so we often associate them with a beloved person, place or time,” she writes. “The emotions the mug evokes can be potent, even if you aren’t aware of the source.”

Morning rituals also play a part. The act of grinding the beans, brewing the coffee, smelling the aroma, hearing the percolating, holding the warm cup and tasting the creamy concoction help people feel centered while beginning their day with intention. A favorite mug becomes part of this sensory experience.

With all the promotional coffee mug options, how do you choose? Since most people already have their go-to mug, it’s will take something special to make yours the new favorite.

For inspiration, we hand-selected three retail-inspired mugs that tie into today’s home decor trends of neutrals, minimalism and hygge.

From a forward-thinking cork bottom option and one with a cozy artistic vibe to a bistro option that will be equally at home in modern farmhouse or industrial interiors, these promotional coffee mugs showcase your brand image—and elevate it.

Take a look and see which of these options will best deliver your brand message while recipients enjoy their next coffee black, vanilla chai latte or orange pekoe. 

ASOBU Big Cork Ceramic Mug


The ASOBU® Big Cork Ceramic Mug lives up to it’s name with a sizeable 16-ounce capacity. The benefit of a hefty mug? No need to make as many trips back to the break room or kitchen for refills! Plus, there’s a generous 2” x 3” imprint area to maximize your company logo, making this mug a real attention-getter.

As the name suggests, this mug also features a stylish cork bottom that acts as a coaster, protecting the cup as well as any surface upon which it sits. It’s offered in either black or white ceramic, has a sleek minimalist design, modern matte finish and a C handle for good grip. 

There’s also a gift box option, making the ASOBU Big Cork Ceramic Mug a great corporate gift option for client appreciation, employee onboarding or for anyone during the holiday season. 

Want to see melting marshmallows in some decadent hot chocolate in this on-trend mug? Yes, please! Get all the details and place your order here.

Watercolor Drip Ceramic Mug


Whether in the office or on a balcony overlooking nature in all its splendor, the Watercolor Drip Ceramic Mug is the right fit for that perfect sip on workdays and weekends. With its elegant glossy finish and artistic drip glaze rim, this mug has both sophistication and charm. 

It, too, has a large capacity…a full 17 ounces to start your day off with a jolt of java or end your evening with calming camomile. It comes in black, blue, green, orange and red options and has a C-curved grip for easy grab-n-go handling.                           

Can the right mug make a favored drink taste that much better? Absolutely! If you agree, click here to see the Watercolor Drip Ceramic Mug for yourself. 

Bistro Two-Tone Ceramic Mug


If you like the clean lines of a timeless bistro style in a wide body mug, then the 16-ounce Bistro Two-Tone Ceramic Custom Mug is for you. It’s exterior matte-black finish is the perfect accompaniment to the smooth-molded ceramic interior that’s available in nine brilliant color options: blue, gray, lime green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. 

With full-color imprinting options, your logo can be seamlessly integrated into this mug, creating a brand impression that’s as coordinated as a large latte with two pumps of hazelnut.  

Can’t you just taste how much customers or employees will love the Bistro Two-Tone Ceramic Custom Mug? Contact us here for all the details.

Brewing Brand Loyalty With Promotional Coffee Mugs

Want to brew up stronger brand loyalty while making a smart advertising investment? Think promotional coffee mugs. Sixty-three percent of consumers keep and use promotional drinkware for one year or longer, and this drinkware garners 3,162 impressions throughout its lifetime, according to the ASI Global Ad Impressions Survey.

Whether you need corporate gifts for client appreciation to say thanks for their business, employee onboarding to welcome new team members or retail promos as a gift with purchase, promotional coffee mugs get the job done in style.

While we went with a neutral theme for this editorial, the selection of coffee mugs is vast—from colorful and modern to subtle and classic. Our concierge service can work with you to select promotional coffee mugs that wow recipients while showcasing your brand. You can even combine promotional coffee mugs with cozy merch for even more luxurious corporate gifts.

Ready to sip some sweet promotional success? Contact us at or book an appointment at to schedule a quick chat to get started. 


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