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Branded Employee Welcome Kit Ideas for On-Boarding New Employees In Style

Employees aren’t just employees: they’re ambassadors for your brand, and they can (and should) be representing it every day. It’s always a good time to encourage team spirit and brand loyalty, but it can be especially effective during the on-boarding of new employees. Thoughtful welcome kits will show new hires you’re excited to bring them on, and if you pack the kits with useful and practical promotional products employees are more likely to hold on to them for longer. AdobeStock 135292561

Here are just a few promotional items that can make perfect additions to your employee welcome kit. Remember: the best items will be those employees can use on the job, and at home.

Power Bank: Whether on the go or at the desk, new employees will thank you for a backup energy supply for their smartphone or tablet device.

Messenger Bag: Make their commute more convenient with a branded messenger bag that can hold laptops, devices, and work documents. Plus, the messenger bag works as a built-in gift bag to hold all the other giveaways.

Water bottle: This is an especially great gift if your company partners with local gyms to offer employee discounts. Pop-top water bottles are a necessity during a hard workout,

Flash Drive: In this day and age, employees are likely to be transferring data to and from multiple computers, in and out of the office. Make that micro-migration even easier with a USB flash drive that can fit comfortably on a keychain.

Toiletry Travel Bag: If your employees are going to be doing a lot of traveling, a toiletry travel bag makes a perfect on-boarding gift. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel and finding your toothbrush wedged inside a sock.

Mug: Coffee? Tea? Hot water with lemon? Whatever your employee’s pleasure, a branded mug is likely to be one of the mainstays of any desktop.

T-Shirt: Your office dress code might not permit casual wear, but a company-branded t-shirt can be a take home success. If your employees participate in company-sponsored sports, matching t-shirts are a must.

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