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Branding All Year Long: 5 Tips To Supercharge Your Business

Supercharge-Your-BusinessSo much goes into creating a thriving company. And while there’s no one attribute that determines success (or failure), branding plays an integral part in the process.

Consumers will make judgments based on your brand image before they ever give your product or service a chance. To create the all-important positive impression, follow these five branding ideas via Alltopstartups to supercharge your business:

  1. Make A Strong First Impression

“A person’s view of a brand is often not completely based on the product itself,” says Alltopstartups founder Thomas Oppong. “And quite often, people are swayed by what the product represents and how it makes them feel.”

First impressions draw new buyers in. First impressions make you memorable—which is essential for when customers are ready to buy what you’re selling. And first impressions bring people back to you after they’ve experienced what you have to offer.

Learn how to make a great first impression in this previous “Branding All Year Long” post.

  1. Emotionally Connect With Customers

While some purchases are purely transactional, most are influenced, at least in part, by emotions. In fact, emotion is powerful, universal and the strongest driver of consumer behavior, according to Motista, a consumer emotion intelligence firm. When consumers connect their personal desires and aspirations to brands (read: when they become emotionally connected), they buy more, pay more, advocate more and stay longer.

So how can you establish that all-important emotional connection? Follow these “3 Simple Steps to Building Emotionally Connected Customers” via TalentZoo:

  • “Build your brand based on one single idea that demonstrates a value to potential consumers that they cannot get from any of your competitors.
  • “Focus your efforts (and expenses) on fulfilling this promise of unique value and ensure you can deliver on everything that you promise.
  • Do not stray from this focus over time. Keep it simple and consistent. While you can innovate and upgrade your brand, you must always keep it differentiated from competitors in that single, unique way.”
  1. Appear Larger Than Life

“Businesses need to separate themselves from the rest, and this can be done with distinctive brand designs that give off vibes that are synonymous with the industry success,” says Oppong. This is, of course, with one caveat: You can’t misrepresent yourself as something that you’re not. You must be truthful and authentic.

Oppong recommends working on building a great company with a unique culture right from the beginning, as this is the only way your actions and interactions with prospective and existing customers should be worthy of referral. Not sure where to start? Look to and how it reinforces the corporate culture.

  1. Have A Consistent Brand Message

People are busier today than ever before, and attention spans are short. Forget long marketing messages. You’ll lose your audience. Keep. It. Simple.

Determine exactly why your company audience needs you, what void you fill, necessity you provide or solution you offer. Then tell this story, consistently, across all platforms.

  1. Turn Your Customer’s Experience Around

Keep in mind that great branding and marketing only goes so far. For customers, it’s all about the experience.

“A great customer experience supersedes all the marketing you could ever do,” Oppong says. “Awesome customer service is more valuable than spending so much money trying to get to a new customer. Your satisfied customers can start telling your story for you.”

So how can you create dedicated fans? Follow the golden rule. Look at the kind of customer experience you personally would wish for and then create that for your customers. And if mistakes happen (and they will!), have a plan in place to go above and beyond to fix the problem.

However you make customers feel special, the goal is to make the experience so great that they’re compelled to tell their friends about it. Because when your fans brag about you to their audience, that’s real marketing.


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