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Branding: What Customers Need Vs. What They Want

Branding - Needs Versus WantsDo you know what your customers “need” verses what they “want?” If you want to truly become a “brand,” then you should know the difference according to this article in Entrepreneur. In “Forget What Your Customers Need; Branding Is About What They Want,” author Jim Joseph says there is a big difference between advancing your marketing efforts and actually transforming yourself into a brand.

“If you want to be a brand—which should be your ultimate goal—you need to understand the difference between what your customers ‘need’ and what they ‘want,’” he writes.

Needs are functional benefits—facts and rational attributes about the products and services your company offers. These functional benefits can be provided by you…and your competitors.

Wants, on the other hand, are tied to emotions, which give your business more connective benefits that resonate with your customers—and separates you from competitors. “When you reach an emotional level with your customers, you become a brand in their minds,” Joseph explains. “You’ve made and emotional connection that rises above functional features and that builds loyalty. It’s the ‘want’ that moves you from being and ordinary product or service to being a desired brand.”

The article continues with an example of choosing a shirt brand. (He doesn’t say it’s a logoed shirt, but it could be!) You need a shirt to be dressed appropriated. But you want a shirt that makes you feel confident, stylish or even younger.

Wants tie into to how you feel using a product, whether it’s a shirt, watch, car or favorite coffee cup.

Joseph says, “Finding the ‘want’ is the key to building a stronger, more emotional connection with your customers. And it’s this emotional benefit that will become the basis of your entire marketing plan moving forward.”

Want to learn more from Joseph? Read the complete article here.


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