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Branding Is Playing a Larger Role for Small Businesses. How Is Yours Performing?

Branding notbookA brand is more than just a logo or a tagline. It embodies the promise that a company makes to its current and prospective customers: it not only communicates what the company offers but also how it will be provided. Building unique and memorable brands was once associated with big companies with large marketing departments. But that isn’t the case today, as Advertiser Tribune notes. Savvy consumers are expecting strong brands from small businesses, too. Here’s how you can make a big branding impact with modest means using promotional products.

The Swag That Speaks for Itself

After you’ve set up your website, your social media platforms, and your ad campaigns, review your swag game. Are you using promotional items to bring your brand to customers in active and tangible ways? Memorable, usable post-purchase giveaways, like key chains or t-shirts, can improve brand retention in new customers. If used effectively, they can also improve engagement. Try offering promo products as incentives to sign up for your digital newsletter or email updates.

Go Big AND Go Home

Consumers are becoming more and more locally conscious, meaning they’re interested in how their buying decisions will benefit and impact their neighborhoods. If you’re a small, local business, make sure your promotional products advertise your pride in that. Customized bumper stickers and window decals can be a great way to expose local customers to your brand; and because they’re mobile, it’s like having a moving billboard for your company.

Dressing the Part

If your business has a storefront with employees on the floor, what they wear is almost as important as how they act before customers. A company-wide dress code communicates a brand as effectively as any other medium, and instantly gives customers an idea of the kind of service and mood they can expect from your business. Even when they’re not on-site, employees can represent your brand by wearing company-approved apparel at corporate functions and outings.

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