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Building Unique Customer Experiences with Promotional Swag

Consumers have a lot of choices these days. Thanks to the Internet, they’re exposed to more brands than ever before. As we’ve seen, one way to differentiate from the competition is to integrate promotional products into your overall strategy. But lots of companies use promo swag so how can you make yours stand out? The key to running a successful campaign is to use unusual and premium swag that builds unique and memorable customer experiences, both online and off.

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This Time, With Feeling

Think of the last time you received some swag. How did it make you feel? Did it inspire a wow, or just a tepid oh, that’s nice? Were you excited to use or display it? Before buying a whole batch of promo swag, test its emotional impact first: give it to friends and employees to gauge their experience. If it makes them feel like a kid with a new toy, or if they use it with a smile, it’s a winner.

For a prime example, just look at MailChimp. Early in their company history, they rolled out a line of promotional products including monkey penholders and plush toys. The items were high quality, unconventional, internally tested, and, most importantly, they worked. Some even went on to become collector’s items.

MailChimp didn’t settle for run-of-the-mill swag, and neither should you. Choose premium, irresistible items to bear your brand’s signature.

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The Medium Is the Message, Too

Bear in mind; it’s not just what you give away, it’s also how you give it away. The way a promotional item is packaged, either physically or digitally, contributes to the overall experience. Bland or generic packaging is a missed opportunity to make a lasting impression. Are you shipping your mailed giveaways in branded, eye-catching gift bags? Are there pages of your website dedicated to distributing your swag online? Consider being like MailChimp, and gamifying a special landing page that invites users to search for giveaways, making the whole process fun and memorable.

Tying It into the Web

Lastly, once you have your giveaways in place, and the distribution channels set, consider ramping up the campaign by combining swag with digital and social efforts to increase engagement. When sending out a survey to prospective consumers, offer a piece of swag to incentivize completion. If you’re looking to make a splash on Twitter, offer users swag in exchange for following your page or retweeting a post. One study by RaffleCopter found that Twitter engagement jumped when tied in with the promise of a giveaway. The best campaigns marry digital and real-life interaction.

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