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How to Convert Customers With Promotional Products at Any Stage of the Sales Cycle

When was the last time you heard of someone printing and framing a banner ad, and hanging it on their wall? Or recording an advertising jingle and making it their ringtone? The great thing about promotional products is people genuinely enjoy keeping them around and using them. That means that marketers can deliver lasting, repeat, and affordable impressions that are specifically timed to convert prospects into customers with promotional products. Here’s why:

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Staying Power

Your typical video ad on YouTube lasts only about 15 to 30 seconds before it’s gone. But promotional products? ASI found that a targeted audience kept promotional products around for an average of eight months. Promotional products don’t fly by night; they build relationships.

Certain products, like writing instruments and pads, can stick with consumers for up to six months; while calendars, used for reference and jotting down notes, can last up to a year. Furthermore, instead of discarding promotional items, many people will re-gift them to their friends and family, elongating the lifespan of any one item.

All in the Timing

Because promotional products are so enduring, they have the potential to influence customers before, during, and even after the moment of purchase. In marketing, exposure is key to conversion — as are consistency and proximity. Recipients of promotional products can keep them on their desks, where they make purchase decisions; or, if a marketing meeting didn’t clinch the deal, sending a follow-up gift basket will help the recipient recall your brand better.

PPAI also found that “promotional products are the most welcomed form of advertising by all generations.” The right promotional product at the right time can turn a skeptic into a believer. Clothing especially can flip a prospective customer’s perception of a brand or company. For instance, in Sydney, 86% of consumers thought more positively about an advertiser after they were given a piece of outerwear, like a pullover.

Bang for Your Buck

Lastly, it’s important to recognize that advertising specialties have one of the lowest cost per impressions (CPI) of any marketing tactic. With a $0.07 CPI, promotional products beat prime-time television ads, national magazine ads, and newspaper ads by a long shot.

As the most highly regarded form of advertising, promotional products also happen to be the most affordable and the most meaningful. A customized water bottle is a perfect example: cost-effective and portable, it can make follow recipients around making impressions all throughout their day.

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