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Coworking Works For Corporate Specialties

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For the past eight years, I’ve been building and growing Corporate Specialties from my home office. But lately I’ve wanted to me a more active participant in the community. Last fall, I began looking into coworking. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but something about Grand Circus (grandcircus.co), a training institute that’s on a mission to elevate the tech community in the heart of downtown Detroit, drew me in.

Since I began coworking at Grand Circus, I’m finding there is excitement…an excitement about being a part of the revitalization of Detroit. I look forward to going to work; there’s a positive energy that feeds on itself—and that’s something that can’t happen when working solo.

While coworking isn’t new, it is a new way for many promotional products professionals to work. Since I’m one of the few using this model for my business, PPB magazine featured me in the May 2014 article “Reinventing How People Work.” The profile talks about my experience so far—including how I immediately got involved, what I’ve learned and the impact on my business. Overall, it’s been great, as I’ve picked up knowledge as well as clients. And I’m honored that PPAI’s flagship publication included me in the discussion.

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