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How To Create Swag Celebrities Love

While they may not admit it, celebrities love swag. And not just any celebs. Even an A-Lister such as Sir Paul McCartney has been caught clamoring for a free t-shirt that came flying into the crowd via a t-shirt cannon during an NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. As this article in Rolling Stone remarked, “It’s a hilarious, adorable clip, particularly the way his eyes light up like a kid in a candy store as a t-shirt comes hurtling toward his section.” Check it out:

So how can you create swag that celebrities—and your own VIPs—will love? Follow these three tips:

1. Choose Quality Items
Whether you’re working with the famous or you just want your clients to feel like celebrities, appeal to their luxe lifestyle. Anything other than high quality, well-crafted items will offend. Look for workmanship, finishes and details. Go for the unusual; something unlike anything they currently own. To get noticed by A-Listers, the merch must be distinctive. The more exclusive, the better.

2. Use The Gift To Commemorate An Event Or Create A Memory
Promotional products are unique in that they can be used to commemorate special events. Creating a memory around the experience—whether it is receiving an achievement award or catching a t-shirt at a basketball game—increases the chance the gift will be kept, used and appreciated by recipients. And that’s the whole point.

3. Deliver Or Distribute In A Fun Way
What made the t-shirt giveaway fun enough to get McCartney involved? The t-shirt cannon. It’s a game, and everyone wants to play. Think about how you give promotional items: Do you treat them like gifts or giveaways? There’s a big difference. Create an experience with how the gift is presented to pique interest.


Most of us don’t work with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughey or Paul McCartney. But that doesn’t mean that each of your customers shouldn’t be treated like the VIPs they are. Add a little star treatment to promotions. Because if celebrities will beg for what you’re giving, your customers will too.


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