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Dance Studios: Make An Impact With Registration Gifts

Sign UpA new year of dance classes will be starting soon in the fall. Is your studio ready? Have you completed registration or has the sign-up process been lagging? Perhaps your marketing plan needs a boost: registration gifts.

Why Registration Gifts?

Why should you consider giving registration gifts as a part of your overall marketing strategy? First, offering an incentive for early-bird or on-time registration instills a sense of urgency and entices people to action. By having students enrolled for the next session ahead of time, you can better manage scheduling and staffing.

Second, registration gifts gets kids excited about dancing and the upcoming class. What better way to begin a new season than with enthusiastic students!

Third, giving registration gifts thanks the students and their parents for their patronage. It shows that you care about them and value their business.

Finally, there are immense branding opportunities that go with having your logo seen in schools and around town. Using promotional merchandise as registration gifts is a smart way to boost awareness of your studio and get word-of-mouth advertising through everyday conversations. And, you can coordinate these promotional products with any other print or online advertising to complement the overall campaign.

What To Consider When Building A Registration Gift Campaign

When choosing which registration gifts to give, there are three main considerations:

1. Budget

What is your overall budget? Do you want to give gifts to everyone that signs up or to only a predetermined number than register by a certain date? Are the gifts for students or parents? Or would you give gifts to both? After answering these questions, you can determine what the cost-per-item budget is and begin the product selection process.

2. Usability

Look for items that are highly useful by the targeted recipients (students/parents/both). Depending on the age groups of your students, will one gift work for all ages or will you need something for the younger students vs. the teenagers? Do you need to have separate gifts (or colors) for girls and boys?

3. Branding

Select items that will showcase your logo, either due to the nature of the product or the size of the imprint area. Coordinate product colors with your studio branding. Make sure the products align with your other marketing efforts for overall brand consistency.

Great Ideas For Registration Gifts

Dance Registration Gifts Collage - VerticalWith thousands of promotional products on the market, how do you know what kind of items to choose? That’s where your promotional consultant comes in. T-shirts and sweatshirts are always popular. You can give a tee for students that enroll in one to three classes and a sweatshirt for those attending 4 or more classes. Package the apparel in a drawstring backpack to add even more value or, for smaller budgets, give the backpack on it’s own.

Water bottles, pencils, erasers and pencil cases are economical choices that can easily be combined with one another. Pencil cases are especially effective because they serve double duty and can also be used to as a coupon/receipt holder, jewelry travel case, mini first aid kit or small makeup/cosmetic bag.

Luggage tags are über useful, especially in the dance world where performers—and all their gear—are travelling to and from competitions. Even on a smaller scale when students show up to class all carrying the same bag, it’s easy to get them mixed up unless properly identified. Luggage tags to the rescue!

Depending on the number of students, you could create one tag for all enrollees or you could color code the tags by age group, dance class type (ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary), or by competition or recreational skill level.

Magnetic bumper stickers also make great registration gifts because they provide so much visibility and parents are much more likely to use them over traditional stickers because there’s no pesky residue. And even if the magnetic bumper stickers aren’t used on a vehicle, they’re perfect for posting notes on the fridge or use in the home office.

Start Planning Your Campaign

If you’re fall semester registration begins in August or September, then it’s time to make your registration gift selection. Even if you register in the spring before students depart for summer break, it’s not too late. Ordering now will allow you to have the gifts when classes begin.


If you’d like help creating the perfect registration gift campaign and/or have questions about any of the products featured, book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700. We can help you develop a SMART Swag program that will make an impact—and build your brand.