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Dance Studios: How To Create Successful Birthday Party Events

Dance Studios Birthday Party EventsBirthdays are a time of celebration. What better reason to dance? In addition to being a fun—and different—way to celebrate a child’s special day, hosting birthday events are an ideal way for you to not only introduce the art and beauty of dance to young people but to also make a connection with their parents that your dance studio is the place for lessons.

To help bring this awareness home—and to give partygoers something to remember the event—you’ll need the right party favors.


Building The Party Package

Parents are busier than ever, so create birthday party packages that give them a worry-free experience and ensures an afternoon of fun for all partygoers. To accommodate a range of budgets, build a tiered package system that covers the basics and grows from there.

Start with the essentials. Each package should include plastic tablecloths, cups, plates, forks and spoons. Develop a relationship with a bakery so you can also offer to include the cake. The more you can do to make the party planning seamless for busy parents, the more value you instill in the program.

Next, build in the party favors. Parents appreciate not having to put together favor bags themselves, so include this in the package. Items that are imprinted with your studio logo are an ideal way to build name recognition in the community.

Begin by giving the birthday child a t-shirt decorated with “I Celebrated My Birthday At… [Studio Name].” Distribute colored sharpies so all the kids who attend can sign the shirt during the party.

Next, offer a selection of party favors for all the kids. In keeping with a tiered program to meet a variety of budgets, consider a good-better-best scenario. An example could look like this:

  • Good: Plastic water bottle that kids can customize with their names using a sharpie
  • Better: Drawstring bag with coloring pages for preschoolers or pencil cases for older kids
  • Best: Upgrade to a metal water bottle and/or combine the water bottle and bag for an even better package. For cold climates, add a knit hat with an embroidered logo. For summer months, include flying discs screen-printed with your logo to promote even more activity.

Whatever items you select, consider products that can do double-duty. For example, drawstring bags or small totes can hold any kind of additional party favors. Water bottles and stadium cups can hold pencils, crayons or even t-shirts. By having the products themselves act as packaging, you don’t have to use gift bags—that is unless you want to!

Another way to create a unique birthday party experience is by offering a selection of party themes. If the theme allows, invite kids to come in costume or have some items on hand that they can use to dress up. Whatever themes you select, complete them with corresponding party favors. Work with your preferred promotional consultant to learn about all the types of promotional merchandise that are available to align with your theme of choice.

Also keep in mind that not all kids dance. So be sure to include fun activities such as hula-hoop contests and other non-dance games so everyone can partake in the festivities.

Finally, make sure you’re staffed appropriately to handle all aspects of the party. Get extra help if you need it; many teenagers are available on an as-needed basis (especially on weekends) at reasonable rates, and they are usually great with preschool kids.

Growing Your Brand

Birthday parties are a great way to introduce children to dancing in a fun and relaxed way—and they give your studio the exposure to kids who are not currently enrolled in your classes. If executed successfully, the party can lead to new students signing up to participate in a class, adding even more incremental income to your studio—and giving you a reason to dance, too.


Birthdays are always a reason to dance. When creating your birthday party event strategy, don’t forget the right promotional party favors to not only build your brand but also create an amazing experience. We can help. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700. Mention the blog, and we’ll send you some SMART Swag to get the party started!