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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Eco-Conscious Millennials

How well do you know Millennials? BBC Advertising came out with a study some months back that helped paint a better picture of this demographic’s preferences, offering insight into how to market to Millennials as opposed to older generations.

A Friend to the Environment Is a Friend to Millennials

One standout discovery was that affluent Millennials are exceptionally environmentally conscious. Seventy-eight percent of them “do everything they can to help the environment” — including choosing eco-friendly brands. Seventy-two percent of the same population said they would elect to pay more for a brand or service if they knew it was environmentally friendly.

So for marketing that appeals to Millennials, make an impression with an eco-friendly promotional product. Try these items to demonstrate to your target that your brand is dedicated to their principles and the environment:

  • The Sprout Pencil is an ingenious pencil, seed and plant marker combination. After use, instead of throwing the stub away, customers can plant it to grow one of 5 different and delicious plants: Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes, or Mint.
  • Given their age range, Millennials are most likely finishing college, in graduate school, commuting to and from work, or interviewing. The body of our ECO-A Step Ahead messenger bag is made of 62% recycled materials, making it an environmentally responsible promotional product that will help this demographic stay organized while on the move.

To learn more about the Sprout Pencil and ECO-A Step Ahead Messenger Bag, visit and enter WBFXB-KIXCW and VAFZC-HKDNN, respectively, into the quick search field.

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