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3 Ways To Use Flat Mailers To Keep Employees Engaged

Flat Promotional Direct Mail 1

Working from home may or may not be the future of work, but it’s certainly the current state of affairs for nearly half of American workers—and will continue to be, at least for the short term. While there are tons of WFH perks (hello, yoga pants!), there are disadvantages as well, from slow broadband speeds to feeling lonely because of separation from coworkers.

Want to give employees a little pick-me-up? Thoughtful gifts go a long way in keeping teams intact while we’re #togetherapart. And here’s the best part: It’s contactless on your end. Here’s how it works:

We take a clear envelope, print a backer card with your logo/graphics/message, include a flat promotional product, seal it up, add postage and send it out for delivery to your team. All you have to do is submit the graphics file and select the product. Can’t get any easier than that.

Flat Promotional Direct Mail 2 - Mailer Math

We have a HUGE selection of flat products that are ideal for this kind of employee engagement mailing. But to help you narrow down the options, here are three of our favorites:

Card Guard Key Ring

If you’re sending an Apple or Amazon gift card, package it in style with the Card Guard Key Ring. This mini wallet is perfect for cards, loose change or anything employees need to take on the go—even if it’s just a trip to the drive-thru for a much-needed latte.

Flat Promotional Direct Mail 3 - Card Guard Key Ring

Tech Taco

The Tech Taco is exactly what it sounds like: A taco for your technologies! This simple organizational tool keeps those pesky cords and cables in order. Fold it around bundled cords like a taco shell, snap…and the cords are instantly wrangled!

Flat Promotional Direct Mail 4 - Tech Taco

Productivity Bundle

Zoom meetings aren’t just for company happy hours (*wink*, although that just might be the best thing to come out of quarantine). If you must have a working video call, give everyone branded notebooks and pens to jot down important info. Since these pens write in smudge-free ink that matches the barrel color, employees can let their most colorful ideas flow!

Flat Promotional Direct Mail 5 - Productivity Bundle

House Coolie

Whether slurping a soda while WFH or sipping a cold one on the patio at the end of the workday, this house-shaped can insulator will keep any beverage of choice cold. Make sure to bring it to the Zoom Happy Hour!

Flat Promotional Direct Mail 6 - House Coolie

Deliver Joy To Your Team

These are just a couple of ideas for flat mailers to help boost employee morale and keep them engaged while working from home. Want to see more options? Contact us at or book an appointment at today. Choose from quick 10-minute chats, 20-minute new product calls and 30-minute brainstorming sessions to get started.


And if you found this info helpful, don’t forget to bookmark this post for reference and share it socially. Stay well!