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Products We Love: Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

corporate specialties folding chair promotional product

Why We Love It

Who hasn’t attended an outdoor event and thought, “Jeez, I wish I had something to sit on?” There’s hardly a more comfortable solution than this Folding Chair and Carrying Bag to protect from getting grass-stained and dew-sogged. Customers will be sure to love the sleek, simple design and the vibrant colors are guaranteed to attract attention to your brand. (They might even make other event-goers a little jealous.)

What Sets It Apart

This folding chair is durable and lightweight, a great combination when it comes to carrying it the long walk from the car to the beach.  The carrying bag with shoulder strap come in handy for people carrying a whole caravan’s-worth of gear. Plus, where some folding chairs only come with one cup-holder, this one comes with two so extra drinks or snacks stay out of the sand. The seat-back offers a subtle space for your logo. When no one’s sitting in it, it transforms into an active and highly visible billboard for your brand.

How to Use It

These are great items to re-sell, use for raffle donations or to give to your VIP customers.  They’re sure to be used, and each one is like a mini-billboard. Imagine a sea of people at an outdoor concert. The band is jamming away on stage, the music is soaring through the air, there’s a sea of seated people and each one of them is looking at…the backs of your chairs. Why? Because the outstanding logo and eye-catching color scheme have stolen the show. Similarly, if you’re in charge of a local sports team fundraiser, consider adding the Folding Chair with your team’s logo to the list of for-sale items. If your business sponsors the team, you can customize your own chairs with your brand and use them as advertising.  

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