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Hot Properties: The Real Estate Market

I grew up in the property management business. In fact, I leased my first apartment when I was only 12! After college, I worked as a marketer in the multi-family industry, and while I loved it and wanted a bit more. So I struck out on my own in 1997 to open Corporate Specialties—and its The Apartment Boutique division—which allowed me to broaden my expertise while still staying true to my roots.

2014-08-Advantages-Real-Estate-Market-SpreadBecause of my years, make that decades, of experience in the real estate industry, I was interviewed by Advantages magazine for the “Hot Properties” feature in the August 2014 issue. In the article, I talk about how there’s much more to the market than home sales agencies—niches such as student and employee housing as well as commercial properties…all of which need to have strong promotional marketing programs in place to grow their businesses. Additionally, I offer advice for the kinds of promotions that work from tiered marketing programs to “lumpy mail” that really gets the attention of the recipient.

Check out the article in its entirety by downloading it here.


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