InstaPromo: Get Riding This Bike

Quick, Complete Marketing Promotions You Can Have In An Instant

Orange Ladies Cruiser BikeCampaign Components

Choose bike(s) from Trek, Specialized, Raleigh and Reaction with more than 100 models (mountain bikes, cruisers, hybrids) in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.

Perfect For

  • Companies that are located in cities with active cultures and/or those with lots of bike trails/lanes (think Austin, Boulder, Detroit, Portland, etc.)
  • Businesses with millennials as target audience or employees
  • Big city firms with downtown offices where employees live close and can bike to work
  • Companies that have anything to do with health and fitness: Gyms, yoga and barre studios, weight loss clinics and nutrition centers, vitamin stores and supplement brands
  • Businesses with values that support being eco-friendly, leaving a small footprint, biking to work
  • Lifestyle brands

What Your Need

Just your logo and some creative communication to promote the promo to your target audience; everything else is turnkey.

How It Works

Trek 820Based on your budget, choose the bike(s) for the promotion. The bike can be decorated with your logo, or not. It’s up to you. Certificates with redemption instructions will be created for the winners and packaged in a water bottle for easy distribution. Winners claim their bike online and provide their height and inseam to ensure correct fit.

The bike is built to provided specifications and has been fully assembled and test-ridden by a certified mechanic in the production facility. Then it is shipped directly to the winner. Some minor reassembly is required. Step-by-step instructions as well as the necessary tools are provided—including an online video that details the entire process. The reassembly is a simple process that generally takes just minutes to complete.

Campaign Ideas

Sales/Performance Incentive: Build a traditional incentive program around the bike so when predetermined metrics are reached (sales volume, profit margin, customer service scores, etc.), the bike is the reward.

Tradeshow Booth Drawing: Boost booth visitation by offering the bike as one of the prizes in a drawing. To make sure booth attendees don’t simply drop their biz card in the hopper and run, make attending a five-minute presentation a condition for being eligible for the drawing. And if you want to bring a crowd back to the booth, design the program as “must be present to win” at the set time of the drawing.

HR Wellness Program: Use the bike to entice program participants to achieve fitness- or health-related milestones (number of miles walked/ran, pounds lost, healthy blood pressure maintained, stop smoking, etc.). Depending on budget and number of participants, the bike could be awarded as one of the monthly prizes in an annual program, given to a predetermined number of people to achieve certain milestones (first five to complete a set of requirements) or used as a grand prize upon annual program completion.

Volunteer Appreciation Gift: Charitable organizations can use the bike to thank longtime volunteers (5 years, 10 years) or those who put in a significant number of hours in a year (250 or 500 hours).

“Welcome Home” Gift: Real estate agents, lenders and/or title companies can give the bike as a thank you for choosing them for home purchase needs. Could be used all year long or as a special promotion to drive business. Collaborate together for a joint promo to make it even more budget friendly.

Fundraising Campaign: Schools, dance troupes and cheer squads, youth sports teams and nonprofit/charitable organizations could sell $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win the bike while supporting a worthy cause.

Why It Works

Tangible awards are powerful. Far more powerful than cash, in fact. Why? Because employees crave recognition and work harder for tangible rewards. They think about these noncash incentives more frequently. And the more they think about these rewards, the more their performance increases. (Learn more in this previous article: “Cash Isn’t King: The Best Employee Motivation May Surprise You.”)

Additionally, giving a tangible gift that aligns with the lifestyle of your target audience increases the likelihood the item will be integrated into recipients’ daily lives. This isn’t so with cash incentives. Once the cash is spent, the monetary giver is all but forgotten.

Finally, tangible gifts support your brand story in a way that cash can’t. And they provide an experience. Consumers want a customer experience that is as personalized and relevant as possible. So give it to them.


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