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Is Your Swag SMART?

Be SmartThere’s all kinds of swag. New swag. Traditional swag. Fresh swag. Cool swag. Inexpensive swag. Luxurious swag. Swag you’ll stand in line for. Swag you’ll run 26 miles for. There’s good swag and (unfortunately) some bad swag. But you know what’s the best kind of swag? SMART Swag.

SMART Swag is Special.

It’s distinctive and different from the swag you competitors use. And it’s of superior quality because your brand value is reflected in the swag you choose.

SMART Swag is Memorable.

It stands out so that every time recipients use it they think of your brand.

SMART Swag is Affordable.

It fits into any budget, both big and small.

SMART Swag is Relevant.

It fits into recipients’ lifestyle. It reflects their values. It’s so useful that recipients keep and incorporate it into their daily lives.

SMART Swag is Targeted.

It has a purpose. It drives specific action from an identified group of potential buyers. And it supports your brand story while being meaningful to your target audience.


Whether you call it branded merchandise, advertising specialties, promotional products or swag, logoed items are one of the most influential, enduring and cost-effective ad mediums available today. But only if they’re SMART.

Represent your brand in a way that no other advertising medium can—with a physical item that people actually ask to receive. If you choose swag, make sure it’s SMART.


Don’t have lame swag. Make yours SMART. Today. Right now. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700. Mention this blog, and we’ll send you some SMART Swag so you can experience just how powerful it really is!