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Looking to Increase Your Apartment Lease-Up Rate? Go with a Blended Marketing Approach

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Despite the surge in (effective) marketing strategies like geo-mapping and SEO optimization, apartment marketers still find the tried-and-true methods of prospect targeting are serving them in good stead. More traditional grassroots tactics, like the use of eye-catching curbside signs, creative mailers, and mid-tour promotional products can and should be incorporated into an overall outreach strategy for a 360-degree scope focused on apartment lease-up numbers. Both property managers and owners are finding that a high-touch, blended approach allows them to better market to a generationally-diverse demographic. In other words, the old school is still cool.  

The Enduring Attraction of Curbside Appeal

Some managers and owners overlook the importance of appearances when it comes to grabbing attention—but the outside can’t be overlooked. After all, this is where prospects often get their first impression of a property. Curbside appeal has a proven track record of improving lease-up numbers, encouraging both prospects and community members to take pictures of the property to promote you on social media, and also of making current tenants feel proud of where they live. Having an open house? Draw attention with a balloon bouquet. Make sure your community stands out with signage that fully embodies your brand. And if there’s a vacancy, make sure passers-by know it with a tasteful sandwich board.

Nailing the Mailer

If you think direct mail marketing isn’t relevant anymore, think again: The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that household response rate to direct mailers was 5.1%. Compare that to digital response rates, which sometimes don’t break 1%, and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire winner. The DMA also found that by personalizing and customizing direct mailers to their intended recipients, marketers can enjoy response rates that raise the roof — or, if you’re in apartment marketing, get people under them.

Consider sending out a Cool Swipe Full Color Cloth with 9″ x 6″ Postcard Mailer to generate interest. On the mailer you can imprint all the information about your apartment — open house times, floor plan, leasing benefits — and recipients will be reminded of it every time they go to wipe their phones or their computer screens.       

Promotional Products to Clinch the Deal

Lastly, there’s no substitute for giving promotional products at the point-of-service. These gifts are a great way to show current tenants your appreciation and encourage prospects to move in. New prospects are likely going on a number of tours on a single day; so to make sure they remember your brand, hand out these colorful Tumblers with your logo imprinted during your tour. It will help keep your apartment at the forefront of their minds well after they leave, show you off to prospects on other tours, and be the envy of your competitors.  

Once you’ve signed a new community member, that’s when the promotions should really start to roll in. Nothing says “welcome home” like a branded gift basket complete with customized keychains and doormats. Reward referrals with complimentary tote bags for those trips to the grocery store. Celebrate tenant anniversaries with branded cookies and desserts. Little tokens of thanks like these can go a long way in building and sustaining a strong apartment community.

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