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Making Promotional Products an Integral Part of Your Marketing Campaign

promotional product marketing

A time-tested tradition, promotional products remain an indispensable element to any marketing mix, even in today’s highly digital landscape. And rather than being supplementary to a tech-forward strategy, promotional products should be used to inform branding, web structure, and digital design for a cohesive and effective campaign. Here’s how.

Promotional Products and Your Logo

The process of converting prospects into clients comes in phases, and two of the most important phases are recognizability and recall. Promotional products are particularly effective in helping people recall brands because of their interactive quality: you can wear a promotional t-shirt, or flip open a branded USB drive. In fact, 76.1% of consumers polled in a Marketing Sherpa study said they could remember the brand name of a company that gave them a promotional item in the past year, versus 53% who could remember a TV or print ad from the past month. The difference in ROI is clear.


To really highlight your logo, put it on the Multi-Tasker Pen/Highlighter, which comes with four ink colors and a highlighter color that matches the trim color of the pen. The Multi-Tasker is a bit bigger than your average pen, giving you more space to showcase your logo.   

If You Build the Landing Page, They Will Come

Once you start to generate traffic with your promotional products, you’ll have to decide how you want to direct it. A landing page is a great way to focus customer actions, as well as funnel and keep track of leads. Unlike your corporate website, with lots of information and pages, a landing page helps encourage customers to quickly and easily complete a desired action — like shop an end of quarter sales push or pre-register for a conference. If you’re having a summer sale or you want to move a lot of a particular item off the shelves, featuring it on a landing page will have more impact than burying it on your main site. Or, if you are trying to fill your sales pipeline, you can create a targeted landing page that quickly gives the customer all the info they need in one place to qualify them and provides an easy online contact form for requesting a consult.


In short, landing pages can be created and customized to complement more ad hoc business initiatives, and can be easily tied in to a promotion campaign you’re already running. For instance, once the landing page is set up, you can imprint the page’s custom URL on a batch of promotional products to get the word out during a major marketing push. If you’re looking for a product to start with, try the Ronan Wireless Charger Mouse Pad. The Ronan acts as a “landing” pad for your devices (it charges your smartphone while you work) and can sit right next to their computer—the perfect place for an in-the-moment reminder to visit your landing page.

Use All Your Channels to Promote Your Promotions

Because promotional products are so effective, you shouldn’t relegate them to corporate events or one-off outings. To get the most mileage out of your swag, continue to promote them on your website, in your newsletters, on your social media channels — in short, everywhere you can. Promos work especially well as incentives for action. For instance, in exchange for signing up for text message updates, customers will receive one of your branded giveaways. If you’re trying to increase online sign-ups to an event, consider entering the first fifty or so ticket holders into a lottery to win a Tanzip Computer Tote Bag. As stylish giveaways go, this one’s hard to beat; plus, the statistics show that almost one-third of consumers own a promotional bag. How’s that for popularity?      

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