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Marketing to Millennials: Promotional Techniques to Put You in Touch with Generation Y

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The generational landscape has shifted, and marketers must adapt their techniques in step. Millennials have outpaced Baby Boomers in population numbers, with 75.4 million Millennials exerting their buying power on the marketplace, compared to about 74.9 million Boomers. If your outreach includes marketing to millennials, these three principles, among others, can help your brand effectively keep up with the cohort.

Go Social

Millennials spend much of their time on social media, so you’ve got to meet them on their level. Once your brand establishes a social media presence (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) the task then becomes interacting with followers and potential customers — and having them engage back with you. Offering promotional products as part of a lottery or in exchange for engagement is a way to improve communication.

Know Thyself AND Thy Audience

Millennials like brands with personalities — real personalities. What are the human characteristics, traits, and motivations behind yours? Why should users take the time to connect with you? Nothing speaks to a brand’s personal touch like something that customers can actually touch, i.e., promotional products. When delivering a promotional product, look to meet your customers’ unique needs with a style that’s all about your brand. If your Millennial demographic is really into staying active and getting fit, consider marketing to them with zip pullovers and gym towels.

Pay It Forward

Millennials respect brands that help effect positive change through generosity and philanthropy. Does your company partner with a charity or community, or champion a specific cause? A donation in the form of customized promotional products can be just what an organization needs, and can also help to get your name and logo out there.

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