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Products We Love: 2-in-1 Phone and Tablet Charging Cable

Why We Love Itiphone android charging cable promotional device

These days, it’s common for people to own not just one handheld device but a whole arsenal of phones, tablets, and other digital gadgets. There’s the iPhone for personal use, the Android for business, the iPad for presentations, the Kindle for pleasure…the list goes on. Keeping separate chargers can get messy and confusing, especially if you’re traveling. (No one wants a bird’s nest of cables and wires in their carry-on.) Cue the 2-in-1 charging cable.

What Sets It Apart

Our 2-in-1 Phone and Tablet Charging Cable is the ultimate solution for all your chargeable devices. This handy cable, with a 5-pin attachment for Apple products and a Micro USB attachment for Android devices, replaces multiple charging cables and fits easily and neatly in your pocket or bag. With an imprintable hub joining the different cables, it places your company brand on a useful item that people use every day, throughout the day.

How to Use It

The 2-in-1 can be a valuable branded trade show giveaway: it’s compact enough to not be cumbersome, and useful enough that recipients won’t overlook it. And, it makes a great on-boarding item for new employees, especially those who will be using compatible mobile devices for work.

For an even more memorable offering, pair it with a USB wall charger in a reusable sunglass bag — it’s a perfect fit.

To learn more about the 2-in-1 Phone and Tablet Charging Cable, visit and enter TAAEG-LDZCJ into the quick search field.

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