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How to Achieve On-Point Branding through Color and Custom Promo Items

When you think of a brand, you often think of its logo, catchphrase, or mascot. But did you know that the color of a branding message is just as important as the content? In fact, researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments about products can be made based exclusively on color. Specifically, consumers are keenly aware when a brand’s color fits with its overall messaging, or if there’s a dissonance.AdobeStock 129500834

Furthermore, a brand’s color can also affect how consumers interact with it in a purchasing scenario. Consumers prefer recognizable brands with consistent and reliable personalities. Color helps to create memorable branding cues that can enhance or embody the company’s feel.

Now, although you’ll have to perform internal experiments and tests to see which colors resonate most with your target audience, there are some color rules of thumb you can follow. For instance:

Red can promote a mood of urgency, which is why it’s so often used to indicate sales.

Blue is the preferred color of men, is associated with peace, water, and serenity, and is a common color used by traditional brands.

Green is often linked with growth and nature and is often used in stores to promote a calming effect.

Purple is a common color signaling royalty and can be used to convey wisdom and creativity.

Orange and Yellow are frequently used to generate anxiety — similarly to red — but can also be used to promote feelings of optimism.

The use of color in your branding shouldn’t be an afterthought, but a guiding principle when approaching any 360-degree marketing enterprise. Promotional products are an excellent way to flesh out a brand color palette with a range of complementary items.

Items like customized backpacks can help bring your brand to life by showcasing your logo in vibrant color, and by complementing other custom promo items to form a complete package. It also leaves them with a lasting impression of the mood your company wants to set. Your marketing specialties consultant can help you pick out what products and which colors best fit with your brand and goals.

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