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What Can the Oscars Teach Us About Promotional Products?

best award for branded apparel

The Oscars just bowed this past Sunday, and there was plenty of glitz, glamour, winners, and even more runners-up. But when all was said and done, the real prize went to… branded apparel. Nominees and non-placing attendees alike prize their giveaway bag, almost as much as the coveted Oscar statuettes.

In particular, nominees love getting their hoodie sweatshirts, with the word “nominee” and Oscar logo imprinted on them, a cherished tradition since 1988. When the nominees didn’t receive the sweatshirts at the regular February 5 luncheon, there was drama (pun intended). And you can bet that any piece of swag that gets celebrities wanting more is a good piece of swag.

So what does the Oscar swag snafu teach us about running our own promotional products campaigns? First, that people love sweatshirts. And second, that usable, comfortable giveaways will become indispensable and beloved if they serve to symbolize an event, high-profile or not.

A word about hoodies and sweatshirts: they’re so darn comfortable; even if you’re in work attire, you can still throw a sweatshirt over yourself if you get cold and not violate dress code. And for marketers, they provide plenty of real estate for your logo.

What’s special about the Oscar hoodie is that not only did it celebrate the Academy, the industry, and the individual artists nominated, it united them into one big, plushy family.

When planning your promotional product campaign, think of what kind of products can easily become part of a tradition, and make people feel like part of something bigger.

And you might have yourself a Best Swag contender on your hands.

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