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Pop Quiz! Can You Pass This Marketing Test?

Marketing Pop QuizHow much do you know about your marketing? Think about it: Do you really, really know your marketing? Surprisingly, you might not know not as much as you think, according to this article from Web.Search.Social.

In “Pop Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Marketing,” author Carol Lynn Rivera asks 10 straightforward—yet essential—questions about your basic marketing presence, from when was the last time you updated your business cards or looked at your website copy to how much time you’re spending on social media and how you’re growing your email list.

The underlying theme of Rivera’s commentary is that most of us complete these marketing basics and then rarely go back to review and improve them as experience grows and products or services change. Rather, we should look at these marketing elements as living documents that should be kept up-to-date with regular attention and development.

To find out if your marketing is making the grade, take the complete quiz here.

Want bonus points? When you’re done, answer this 11th question:

When was the last time you reviewed how you’re using promotional products to complement your marketing efforts?

Much changes in the realm of promotional products, with new products and decoration techniques being introduced each year. If you’ve been using the same items year after year, it may be time to update your approach.


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