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Products We Love: Ful Brickhouse Laptop Sling

Ful Sling Backpackub6l_62_pWhy We Love It: Ful (pronounced fuel) offers cutting-edge fashion styling like nothing else on the market. And with Justin Timberlake as an investor for this Memphis-based backpack company, you know his creative input will ensure these packs are runway worthy.

What Sets It Apart: Laptops are easily accessible through the side-entry compartment, and it has a left, right swivel shoulder strap so it’s comfortable to wear for both righties and southpaws. It’s also tech friendly, with a detachable cell phone holder and MP3 pocket with audio wire port exit. And it’s three available colors—purple, pink and orange—are sure to standout and get noticed.

How To Use It: Corporations of any kind can use it as a part of a company store, incorporate it into annual sales meetings or give it as a thank-you gift to high-valued clients. Tech firms can give it as a new employee welcome gift, and banks can offer it as an incentive for student loan programs. Tour companies can give it to travelers who purchase a European vacation, and universities can sell it in the campus bookstore.

As our on-the-go society continues to be more mobile, these laptop slings are an ideal way to turn your logo into a walking billboard no matter what type of business you’re in.


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