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Products We Love: Mood Pencils

Mood Pencil Arctic 20565Why We Love It: National Handwriting Day is January 23 (coinciding with John Hancock’s birthday), and what better way to celebrate than by writing a note, journal entry, poem or even love letter with a really cool pencil. Plus, there’s just something poetic about grasping a writing instrument and feeling it hit the paper as your thoughts flow through your fingers and pour into words.

What Sets It Apart: With the heat of your hand, the Arctic Mood Pencil changes from solid blue, orange, pink, purple or red by fading to white. Black or white imprint is recommended, but there are 14 other imprint colors from which to choose. And with space for up to five lines of copy, you can really get your message in recipients’ hands.

How To Use It: Pencils are so universal that they can be used in any industry, by anyone at any age. Combine them with a mood eraser, mood pen or a colorful writing instrument case to make a more substantial gift.

Use them at annual sales meetings, give them away at tradeshows or simply have them available for employees to use around your office. You could even support (or start!) a campaign to bring cursive writing back into school curriculum—and help boost cognitive development while boosting your brand awareness.

However, you decide to use these mood pencils, there are three reasons why writing instruments should be part of your marketing plan: they’re universal, useful and effective. Learn more in this previous post.

And if you want proof about why writing instruments are such effective advertising mediums, check out these research stats. With 76 percent of people surveyed considering writing instruments an important/very important/extremely important part of their daily personal activities, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to get your brand into customers’ hands.


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